Savage: A Ben Leon Feature Film (DVSTAL111)


Savage: A Ben Leon Feature Film

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Synopsis: Rising star director Ben Leon brings you Savage - a no-nonsense examination of hot men fucking in a full-on mess of spit, slaps, leather, and cum. Steve Cruz enters the first scene on his knees, and after a hot round of dick sucking, Victor gets a piece of Steve's ass. Next, Brodie Sinclair and Roman Ragazzi face off in a wrestling match. The sex begins with Roman in submission, and ends with both Brodie and Roman being pounded. Fred Faurtin finds Steve Cruz tied to a fuck bench, and uses the opportunity to get some first quality fucking in. Luke Hass and Victor Steele jerk themselves off before Luke plunges into Victor with all 10 inches of his massive dick. Matthieu Paris and Ricky Sinz fuck in multiple positions, ending in doggy style when Antonio Biaggi enters the scene. Matthieu ties up Antonio’s balls and then sits on the huge member, riding it until Antonio gets Matthieu to stand on his balls and he shoots a massive load.

Cast: Roman Ragazzi, Steve Cruz, Antonio Biaggi, Brodie Sinclair, Fred Faurtin, Luke Hass, Matthieu Paris, Ricky Sinz, Victor Steele

Director: Ben Leon

2 DVD Set

Running Time: Approx. 3 hours

NTSC Coding

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