Rubberella 2 Latex Bound (DVGWEN179)


Rubberella 2 Latex Bound
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Synopsis: Part Two of this new series finds Rubberella in Europe to observe and help her associate. Little does she know that it is a ploy to take over her leadership! Rubberella and her new 'associate' Shera, work as a team to capture and train two new rubber-clad victims. It's not until later that Shera then decides the time is right to take over. She locks Rubberella in a steam chamber, then forces her into a bizarre, inflatable latex suit for further humiliation and punishment. With help from one of the other victims, Rubberella escapes and turns the tables on Shera. She places her in a tight-fitting latex bondage outfit and laces her to the wall of a holding cell. After a day on the wall, she then packs her into a case and takes her back to LA for further training. Outrageous latex outfits! Inflatables, Hoods, Armbinders, Bodybags, Bondage suits and more!

Cast: Mistress Jean Bardot, Mistress Sandra, Claudia and Kinga.

Director: Robert Zak

Released: 06/2003

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