Rubber Sleepsack (R050)

Rubber Sleepsack

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The Rubber Sleepsack can provide quite an intense experience. It is designed for a comfortable yet totally confining fit and is made of heavy-duty, 30-gauge latex.

The entire body is encased in black rubber with the arms restrained at the sides by the internal sleeves, and a collar buckled around the neck. It has a heavy #10 3-way zipper for easy access to the privates.

There are also special heavy-duty #10 locking zip sliders to prevent the zipper from unexpectedly opening up or cutting into privates. The collar has heavy rubber belting and a chrome buckle attached with rivets.

The Rubber Sleepsack comes in four sizes. The 30-gauge latex offers several inches of stretch, so select the size which comes closest to your measurements; an exact match isn't necessary.

s m l xl
neck 15" 16" 17" 17.5"
chest 45" 47" 48.5" 50"
wrist 40" 42" 43" 45"
knees 23" 25" 28" 29"
ankles 15" 16" 18" 19"
length 59" 60.5" 62.5" 64.25"

Made In the USA

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