Rubber Face Sitting (GC00206)

Rubber Face Sitting

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Rubber Face Sitting

Face sitting is one of those fetishes that count as having a huge number of fans, and yet is completely under-represented. Carmen Rivera is what you might call the unofficial Face Sitting Queen. She has shot a slew of films on the subject and is the proud owner of a simply divine ass! At her side is her slave-cum-maid Annueta, a new discovery of ours. This rubber honey serves her mistress with extreme devotion and, like the two male slaves, must show the royal rear the utmost respect. It's obvious that she'll use the first opportunity to squat down herself on one of the slave's faces herself as soon as the mistress is away.

This is the only Annueta video.

Stars: Carmen Rivera, Annueta

Running Time: 63 minutes

Released: 01/2006"

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