Realistic Vibrating Nikki Tyler (A943)


Realistic Vibrating Nikki Tyler
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A note from JT, our Founder and President:

After many years we finally got around to adding an artificial vagina to our catalog. Why did it take us so long? Well, blame me... I had a look at the options that were available back around 1990, and I thought they were silly, low-quality, overpriced, and not-very-realistic devices. I decided that we weren't going to sell them.

As time went by we were getting more and more requests for artificial vaginas, and we do feel it's our job to provide whatever kind of sexual technology people really want, as long as it is safe and legal. Besides, we sell realistic replicas of the *male* genitalia, so why not the *female* genitalia? And also some of the artificial vaginas available today are really a lot more advanced and higher-quality than the ones on the market ten years ago.

Naturally, if we're going to carry these items at all, we will choose the best. This unit is modeled after Vivid Video star Nikki Tyler, and is pretty impressive. The SoftouchTM latex and Silky RealisticTM pubic hair have a very realistic look and feel, with considerable attention given to texture and coloration.

There are both vaginal and anal openings, with multi-speed vibration for added stimulation. Also included is a small, 1-ounce bottle of Vivid Girls lubricant, and a photo of Ms. Tyler with a personal profile. This is a top-of-the-line model at a reasonable price.

It runs on three AA Batteries (included.)

Product Details:

 •Vaginal Depth: 6in/15.3cm

 •Anal Depth: 7.5in/19.1cm

 •Total width: 9.5in/24.2cm

 •Total depth: 8in/20.4cm

 •Total height: 3in/7.7cm

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