Raw Devotion, The Darker Side of Rey (F060)

Raw Devotion, The Darker Side of Rey

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Raw Devotion,…this is the DARKER side of Grey! These are the most deviant of girls,…devoted in servitude to their Men and Masters. The harsh gritty treatment they endure only intensifies the passionate fire within them! These submissive sluts yearn only to please their Masters and to obey and succumb to Their every whim and desire. Punishments are dealt out when misbehavior is rampant, and discipline needs to be given to there horny little playthings. These girls will soon learn their place and what they are good for,…even if it takes every last ounce of their boundless devotion to submit.

Starring: Janice King, Rachel Evans, Cloe, Adrianna Nicole, Choky Ice, Joe Monti & Marco Banderas

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