Pulsed Signal Generator - Basic (A504)


Pulsed Signal Generator - Basic

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Made by Folsom Electric Company, this unit generates a stimulating electrical current which is pretty much the same in intensity and flavor as the signal put out by the TENS unit. This Folsom box has two channels instead of one, so you can use two pairs of electrodes (a total of 4) at once. The small battery compartment is accessible using a small sliding door, so you won't need a screwdriver to change it. There are four control knobs, two knobs control one channel; for instance the second intensity knob controls the second channel, instead of fine tuning the first one. Each channel also features a red button, which functions as a cut-off switch for that channel. The Folsom Electric box can be used with an optional adapter unit which plugs into the wall, or you can go cordless with a 9-volt battery. Set includes two pairs of output leads. (AC adapter sold separately.)

The other unit available, the PSG-MAX, differs from this basic PSG unit in 2 ways: First, its circuitry allows a stronger maximum output, developed for those who seek an extra-strength jolt. Second, the PSG-MAX has an extra switch which will allow you to turn off the pulsing feature, so that the signal is more constant, and only varies in response to your own manipulation of the intensity control.

Please note: AC adapters can not be used with the PSG-MAX unit, only with the basic unit.

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