Provoke Flogger (QW01647)

Provoke Flogger

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The best floggers are the kinds that have multiple uses which also deliver multiple sensations. The Provoke Flogger has 26 soft leather falls that will cascade smoothly across your skin, creating an erotic sensation if wielded gently. You can achieve a more severe and aggressive thud with a little more ‘oomph’ without being excessively hard. The soft leather falls are ideal for low impact sensory play during flagellation as well.

For even more fun, this flogger has a phallic shaped wooden handle that is curved and just over 8 inches long. The handle is made of beautiful polished wood and fits perfectly in your…hand.

•  23in/58.4cm fall length

•  8.25/21cm handle length

•  1.75in/4.4cm diameter at widest point of handle

Safety and Usage

Break in and keep your whip in shape with regular use, while keeping it free of moisture or dirt. Both dirt and water will damage the whip and ruin it quickly. Many leather conditioners are designed to soften and moisturize, and therefore should be used sparingly or not at all.

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