Prisoner Belt (J399)

Prisoner Belt

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The Prisoner Belt is a black leather prisoner-bondage belt combined with a removable butt plug harness and a locking cock-strap. This belt-harness is constructed from a combination of both heavy and light Latigo black leather, and nickel plated metal plate staples.

There is no other product on the market quite like this one. It’s more than a prisoner belt, and more than a bondage belt. With the added bonus of having an anal plug harness and a special strap for binding the cock, this prisoner belt is the most versatile bondage belt or harness you’ll find.

The small/medium size will fit a 28”-34” waist. The large/extra large size will fit a 36”-44” waist. The belt is 3¼” wide and has 6 strategically placed D-rings to lock the black leather wrist cuffs to. The wrist cuffs are adjustable and have a varying circumference of 5”-9”. They also have nickel plated metal D-ring shaped plate staples and are 2¾” wide.

The cuffs allow the wrists to be buckled and locked to the waist, restricting movement of the hands and arms. The extra D-rings allow chains to be added, and a collar or ankle cuffs can be incorporated, (collar, ankle cuffs, locks, and chains are not included).

The adjustable and lockable cock and ball strap has a varying circumference that measures 4¾”-7”, allowing you to bind the cock and balls. The anal plug harness is removable.

Locks are not included

Made In the USA

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