Perfect Fit SilaSkin Ball Stretcher (E474)

Perfect Fit SilaSkin Ball Stretcher

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Mind-blowing sex and incomparable comfort are just a click away! This 2-inch ball stretcher is not too heavy and not too light, and super easy to put on; just stretch the ring apart to slip over your balls, settle it at the base of your cock, and get ready to go all night with heightened pleasure and prolonged erection.

The feature that makes this stretcher so unique is the amazing way that the unbelievably soft and stretchy SilaSkin material perfectly conforms to your body-- you'll forget you're wearing anything at all! SilaSkin is an even more specialized take on the TPF/silicone blends this brand is known for and offers superior fit, durability, and safety. Whether you're adding to your collection or just testing the waters, the Perfect Fit SilaSkin ball stretcher is a must-have.

Product Details:

 • Length: 2 inches

 • Patented Perfect Fit SilaSkin blend

 • Safe with all lubes

 • Available in black and clear

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