Penthouse Erotic Audio Series (C412)

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Penthouse Erotic Audio Series

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The Penthouse Audio Series opens up the imagination with provocative, sensationally sexy stories. This series includes tales of women looking for love, or at least some loving, a wife wanting to pick up some tips from her best friend, a couple falling in love, with another woman, and more. Listeners will open up to the urgent messages in their box created by this Penthouse Audio collection.

This CD has over an hour of original, creative content. Each short, erotic story is 7 to 12 minutes long, written by professional writers and narrated by dynamite voice talent.

Track Titles:

1. Penthouse Audio Intro
2. Girl Gone Wild
3. Feeling Neighborly
4. Clear Communications
5. Desk Job
6. The Intern
7. Following Instructions
8. Reunion
9. The F-Factor Diet - Part II

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