Penis Prison w/ Pin Prick Lining (J388)

Penis Prison w/ Pin Prick Lining

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This devious chastity device imprisons the penis and torments it with pin pricks.

The Penis Prison w/ Pin Prick Lining consists of a zippered black leather pouch, held in place by a lined elastic band and a thin, leather cock strap that takes a small lock. The inside lining of the prison contains 190 little pin pricks.

The tacks are short, about 1/8" long, and will prick and scratch the skin like little thorns, but will not pierce the skin unless you squeeze or slap it very firmly... or the penis enlarges in the prison and presses up against the prison lining.

One size fits most.

This penis prison locks securely with a Baby Nickel Plated Padlock. Sold Separately.

Made In the USA

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