Packer (D753)

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The Cock Packer is a realistic, comfortable, and resistant soft packing dildo. Designed with your ease in mind, the Cock Packer is made from super-realistic, phthalate free silicone “SoftSkin” with no detail left out. The outer shaft sports natural looking veins and a textured scrotum. A firmer inner core adds rigidity and realism that will certainly pass the “grope test.” The Cock Packer can be worn daily for extended periods of time with no worries.

Created for gender benders, FTM's, or anyone looking to add a little heft to their package, the Cock Packer is a fantastic choice. The Cock Packer fits easily in jockey shorts, jock straps, can be secured by most any traditional strap-on harness and lies naturally against the body without looking like you’re pitching a tent. Let the Cock Packer boost your confidence and put some swagger in your strut.


  • Large 5in/12.7cm--1 3/8in diameter 4.3 maximum width Circumference

  • Small 4in/10.16cm --1 3/8in diameter 4.3 maximum width Circumference

  • Available in Vanilla, Caramel and Coffee

Safety, Care and Usage

The Cock Packer is not designed for penetration. Softskin is porous, so it is highly suggested that you put a condom over your Cock Packer to maintain the texture and quality of your toy. This will help to make sure it stays clean and bacteria free. Clean your Cock Packer with mild soap and water after each use and rinse well. Once dry, a good surface dusting with cornstarch will keep your packer silky-smooth, a makeup brush is a great way to apply the cornstarch evenly. Keep this one out of the boiling water and away from the lube!

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