PVC Sam Browne Belt Set (R144)

PVC Sam Browne Belt Set

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The PVC Sam Brown Belt Set is a combination of a pistol belt or garrison belt and a shoulder strap and handcuff case, made from high gloss black PVC. It has chrome snaps, metal rivets, and 1¾” buckles.

This belt set is sleek and sexy - the perfect piece of uniform style military fetish wear. You can wear it in a discreet and private setting, or out to clubs or parties. Both the belt and the shoulder strap are 1½” wide. The minimum waist measurement is 37”, and the maximum is 42”. The shoulder strap is a maximum of 44”, and the minimum measurement is 42”.

The extra special feature of this belt set is the black PVC handcuff case. The case is 4½” by 5” and it is 1½” wide.

The Sam Browne belt was named after General Sir Sam Browne of the British Army in India. The strap was intended to help carry the weight of a heavy pistol or sword.

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