PES Vaginal Plug (C066)

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PES Vaginal Plug

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The newly redesigned PES Vaginal Plug allows the flow of Erotic Electro Stimulating current within the vagina.

The Vaginal Plug has two silver conductive surfaces, one on each side of the acrylic rod. The plug should be inserted fully inside the vagina before activating the Power Box. Physically moving the plug will also change the path of stimulation. Always make sure to lower power levels before shifting the plug. The higher the pulse and frequency, the more intense the stimulation in the vagina.

At the right levels, involuntary muscle contractions can be expected inside the cavity. Unlike the typical vibrator or dildo, the Vaginal Plug uses Erotic Electro stimulation rather than friction to stimulate the vaginal muscles and tissues to achieve an orgasm. After Achieving multiple orgasms with the Vaginal Plug, the soft tissue areas of the vagaina are not sore.

The Vaginal Plug is a double electrode device, which can be used in conjuction with a single electrode device such as the Sparkler, the Anal Tubular, or the Rectal Pacifier for simultaneous anal stimulation.

This effect is accomplished by connecting one lead to one side of the Vaginal Plug and the other lead to the single anal electrode of your choice. By alternating the connection point and adjusting the depth of the Vaginal Plug, the Erotic Electro Stimulation will stimulate different nerve paths, producing variety of sensations.

The Vaginal Plug has a round opening in the base that allows access to the clitoris for manual stimulation, and is supplied with latex straps for tension as well as maneuverability. It measures 5¾“ in length and is 1¼” in diameter. Made from clear acrylic, the Vaginal Plug is a very clean electrode with a high optical appeal.

Note: The Vaginal Plug Electrode works with The PES Power Box

General Lubrication: As with all P.E.S. Products, lubrication plays an important part in the effectiveness of this electrode. Lubrication should be applied to the contact surface of the electrode before placement, for easy adjustment.

Application of lube allows the electrode body to move freely for your personal fit. We also recommend the use of our ElectroLube on both your vaginal area and the electrode itself to assist in maintaining good contact with the Vaginal Plug and enhance your sensation. P.E.S. recommends washing your hands thoroughly and using latex gloves to insulate you from any possible stimulation above the waist.

Ready for use with The PES Powerbox

Requires PES Low Profile Leads for use with Folsom power unit Dual Output PSG-MAX

Not recommended for use with The Rimba Powerbox(s)

This item is BI-POLAR. Click here for more information.

Made in the USA

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