Ophoria Anal Chain (D722)


Ophoria Anal Chain

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Fun for all skill levels, the Ophoria Silicone Anal Chain has six oval beads of progressively larger, soft but firm pleasure. Experiment with varying depths of insertion and speeds of removal and learn what combination makes you or your partner’s body quiver in delight. Give the ass your undivided attention or insert and tend to business on other areas of the body. When you are ready the soft silicone ring allows for great control on removal as the beads expand and contract the sphincter muscle as fast or as slowly as desired. The pliable silicone can also be warmed or cooled for additional sensations. The Ophoria Silicone Anal Chain is all about the variables.


  • Insertable length is 8.25in / 21cm

  • Circumference of largest bead is 3in / 7.6cm

  • Circumference of smallest bead is 1.5in / 3.8cm

  • Available in Purple Only
Blue (D722) and Pink (D723) no longer available

Safety, Care, and Usage

Wash with warm water and soap or boil in water for sterilization. Dry with a lint free towel and store away from dust and out of direct sunlight. Never use this product with substances such as massage oils that may contain alcohol, petrol, or acetone as they will damage the soft silicone. This item is phthalate free and 100% silicone.

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