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Super Sex Sling with Cuffs

Super Sex Sling with Cuffs $59.50 | SALE: $39.50

The Super Sex Sling with Cuffs is very easy to use and helps you achieve “super sex” just like the name says. The simple design provides deeper penetration and more direct G-spot contact. It is also great for oral and anal sex.

The sling helps the person on it to raise... More >>

Kama Sutra Getaway Kit

Kama Sutra Getaway Kit $35.00 | SALE: $24.95

Introducing the ideal travel companion. This collection of Kama Sutra products fits nicely into your luggage and carry-on and are perfectly sized under 3.4 oz to meet the flight regulatory... More >>

The Cocksucker's Mirror

The Cocksucker‘s Mirror $36.00 | SALE: $24.00

One of our most requested products makes its proud return…please welcome back The Cocksucker’s Mirror!

Give them an eyeful with this oval innovation, a cock accessory that makes them watch their facial expressions, tongue movements, and more as they greedily service your cock. Great... More >>

Plus Size Beginner's Strap-On

Plus Size Beginner‘s Strap-On $40.00 | SALE: $30.00

Enjoy strap-on play in comfort with Sportsheets Beginner’s Strap-On harness!

Its soft fabric construction minimizes any distraction during use, and it’s versatile with its included interchangeable O-rings that accommodate a multitude of dildos or other flared-base insertables. More >>

Joyful Golden Wand Glass Dildo

Joyful Golden Wand Glass Dildo $50.00 | SALE: $30.00

Bring luxury to life with the Joyful Pleasure line of beautifully crafted art glass intimate toys!

Your lover will fall in line when you raise this streamlined baton style stimulator. The imposing shape of the Joyful Golden Wand is offset by the the friendly bright yellow of... More >>

The Wave Vac-U-Lock Dildo

The Wave Vac-U-Lock Dildo  $42.00 | SALE: $32.00

We've got something new for you to ride in the form of the simple yet effective Wave, a silicone dildo that can easily be popped into a harness or used with any Vac-U-Lock compatible products.

Its modest size makes it great for beginners while its sleek, curvy design bumps the action up... More >>

Control Steel Dildo

Control Steel Dildo $98.00 | SALE: $55.20

The Control Steel Dildo is a heavy duty, heavy metal, dual ended dildo with a special finger shaped grip that makes it very fun to hang on to. This stainless steel dildo comes in two different sizes, medium and large. It looks super sleek and has an elegantly simple design that works very well... More >>

Lulu Satin Scoop Vibe

Lulu Satin Scoop Vibe $16.50 | SALE: $10.00

The remarkable tip of the Lulu Satin Scoop vibrator is your first clue that this toy stands apart. Distinctively engineered for pinpoint stimulation and maneuverability, you can cradle your clitoris in the gently rounded scoop for thrillingly complete arousal, or use the curved tip to probe your... More >>

Night-Light Silver Bullet Vibrator

Night-Light Silver Bullet Vibrator $12.00 | SALE: $8.95

This multi-speed toy is a small silver oval shape, a little smaller than an egg. It has a wired remote and a little blue light at the tip of the oval that illuminates your night-time adventures.

The bullet is about 2½" long and 1½" in diameter. For anal or vaginal use. It... More >>

Hung Padded Cock Ring by Oxballs

Hung Padded Cock Ring by Oxballs $28.00 | SALE: $19.95

Give yourself a boost! The Hung Padded Cock Ring provides all the benefits of wearing a regular cock ring but also accentuates and lifts, sort of like a push-up bra for your family jewels.

The key feature is the extra pad of silicone behind the balls that pushes your entire package... More >>

Stay Hard Beaded Cock Rings

Stay Hard Beaded Cock Rings $5.50 | SALE: $3.50

Now Available in 3 colors!

It's never been this easy to be this hard! The Stay Hard Beaded Cock Rings three-piece set puts the long-lasting rock-hard erections you've always dreamed of within your reach and couldn't be simpler to use.

The smallest, tightest-fitting... More >>

5 Snap Neoprene Cock Ring

5 Snap Neoprene Cock Ring $12.50 | SALE: $6.25

Simplicity can be beautiful and that's exactly what this basic neoprene cock ring is. Made especially by Stockroom, this cock ring features a comfortable fit with five nickel-plated snaps to allow adjustability.

  • Diameter: 2in... More >>

Oxballs Puppy Cock Ring

Oxballs Puppy Cock Ring  $29.00 | SALE: $19.95

Whether your pup is known for his obedience or mischievous nature, his tail will be wagging once you adorn him with this new addition to the Oxballs collection.
Made of super-stretchy, high-quality silicone, this ring is both functional and pleasing to the owner's eye. In addition to being... More >>

Max Results Penis Pump

Max Results Penis Pump $33.50 | SALE: $20.95

When you want results from your penis pump, you don't leave anything to chance. That's why the Max Results penis pump has been designed with two priorities in mind: simplicity, and performance.

The transparent cylinder is made of sturdy smoked plastic, easy to see into and large... More >>

Shower Sex Cuffs

Shower Sex Cuffs $36.50 | SALE: $18.25

The Sex In The Shower Suction Handcuffs lends a new take on watersports! The suction cups are industrial strength and the waterproof neoprene cuffs are comfy and secure with Velcro. Whether you prefer your bath time sex standing up or in a reclined position, these adjustable bondage cuffs are sure... More >>

Shower Sex Foot Rest

Shower Sex Foot Rest $16.50 | SALE: $9.95

The Sex In The Shower Single Locking Suction Foot Rest is one of the most useful shower sex tools around. This sturdy, secure, foot rest is ideal for preventing slips in the shower during hot sex action! Because you can place this device anywhere in your shower, its position is fully customizable... More >>

S/M 101 (Jay Wiseman)

S/M 101 (Jay Wiseman) $24.95 | SALE: $18.71

This 245-page book, written by a heterosexual man who is a long-term veteran of the American S/M scene, attempts to present an in-depth, comprehensive introduction to S/M and its many facets: technique, safety, psychological/emotional issues, finding a partner, relationships, the... More >>

Adjustable Blindfold

Adjustable Blindfold $33.95 | SALE: $16.97

Tease and torture your submissive with this high-quality, classic adjustable leather blindfold from Stormy Leather.

Made of soft, supple black leather with a imitation fur lining that won’t irritate those who suffer skin reactions from fleece; these blackout blinders are perfect for... More >>

SportSheets Tethers

SportSheets Tethers $20.85 | SALE: $14.95

These Tethers were designed for use with the SportSheets bondage system, but can be used with or without other SportSheets items to help create any number of creative bondage possibilities.

The tethers are made of black nylon webbing, with an O-ring and silver-colored snap... More >>

Tantus Pelt Silicone Paddle

Tantus Pelt Silicone Paddle  $47.00 | SALE: $35.25

When Tantus announced their new line of silicone paddles, we got very excited. We've long loved their extremely high quality line of dildos, vibrators, and other sex toys, as both the quality of the materials and the craftsmanship is of the highest caliber. Their latest offering does not... More >>

Sex and Metal Spiked Bit Gag

Sex and Metal Spiked Bit Gag $39.00 | SALE: $25.00

This severe spiked bit gag from Sex and Metal is appropriately medieval, to match the aesthetic of their other gear. The clear plastic sleeve protects the wearer's teeth from the hard steel of the bit itself, while not detracting from the overall effect. The chrome-plated chain extends... More >>

In and Out Penis Gag w/ Removable Dildo

In and Out Penis Gag w/ Removable Dildo $52.00 | SALE: $41.60

This unique leather gag comes equipped with a 2 inch rubber dildo end for the wearer, while the opposite end sports 6 inches in length so your slave can deliver the pleasure being demanded of them.

The usual application is for a slave to give pleasure in an intimate, submissive way,... More >>

Head-On Harness

Head-On Harness $64.00 | SALE: $50.00

This is a soft black leather harness which is used to strap a dildo onto the head, protruding from the face. It has adjustable leather straps that wrap securely around the head and chin. This harness will work with a dildo that has balls or a sufficiently flared base and a shaft... More >>

Turning Point Nipple Clamps

Turning Point Nipple Clamps $28.00 - $30.00 | SALE: $19.95 - $21.95

These simple, stylish clamps are adjustable, fitting virtually any nipple size or shape. The opposing screws tighten, allowing the steel rods to solidly grip the desired appendage. These classic, functional clamps aren't like any of the other tit torture devices we carry, and offer a new twist on... More >>

Medieval Pinwheel

Medieval Pinwheel  $30.00 | SALE: $20.00

Create spine tingling sensations with this medieval version of the classic Wartenberg Pinwheel. This sensation play pinwheel has evenly spaced radiating sharp points which stimulate the nerves when rolled across the skin. Titillating and exciting when used creatively.... More >>

Colt Anal Douche

Colt Anal Douche $23.50 | SALE: $17.62

Good clean fun, from top to bottom! Having a cleanse can take the anxiety out of bottoming, especially if you enjoy a hands (or tongues) on approach, and whether you're douching for preparation or pleasure, the Colt Anal Douche makes it quick, easy, and enjoyable.

Just insert the... More >>

Colt Expandable Butt Plug

Colt Expandable Butt Plug $27.50 | SALE: $19.95

If you're looking to expand your playtime repertoire, this is the butt plug for you! Perfect for prostate stimulation, training, and inflation play, the solid butt plug offers streamlined insertion

Once in place, the smooth latex sheath can be inflated with each pump of the sturdy... More >>

The Little Flirt

The Little Flirt $36.00 | SALE: $22.00

Tantus’ new Little Flirt anal plug features a long neck to help it stay put and allow for deeper penetration, as well as a tapered base to offer a more comfortable fit. The Little Flirt is petite enough that it's the ultimate introduction to the pleasures of anal play.

The Little Flirt... More >>

Anal Wand, Red

Anal Wand, Red $16.95 | SALE: $12.00

This Anal Wand is a rippled, graduated dong with rounded tip for easy insertion. Features a rounded base for a perfect grip to wrap your hands around.

Made of high quality smooth Poly-Melt rubber in attractive candy red.

Product Details:

 ... More >>

Anal Joystick

Anal Joystick $52.00 | SALE: $32.00

The Anal Joystick is made from medical grade steel with five graduating balls for heightened pleasure. The handle can be easily detached from the shaft of balls for easy cleaning. Sleek and smooth this anal toy is perfect for beginners and advanced explorers.

Product... More >>

Pike's Peak Butt Plug and Cock Ring Combo (TM)

Pike‘s Peak Butt Plug and Cock Ring Combo (TM) $118.00 | SALE: $59.00

Double your pleasure with this uniquely designed butt plug and cock ring combination! The stainless steel cock ring has a long arm that curves around across the perineum and connects the cockring to a cone-shaped buttplug at the end.

Like other trailer hitch –style cock ring and anal... More >>

Pjur Backdoor Anal Glide

Pjur Backdoor Anal Glide  $17.99 | SALE: $14.39

Pjur Backdoor Anal Glide is lubricant specially formulated to provide long lasting anal lubrication. Similar to Pjur Analyse Me! but with a higher concentration of soothing oils. Made with jojoba to naturally relax the sphincter muscle, this silicone lube is great for even the tightest holes. It... More >>

Two-Piece PA Silicone Sound Set by Oxballs

Two-Piece PA Silicone Sound Set by Oxballs  $48.00 | SALE: $34.95

This exciting set of silicone sounds by Oxballs offer a non-intimidating new twist on stuffing your cock!

Included in the set are two sounds, The smooth sound is recommended for beginners, while the segmented version is for more advanced urethral play. Each sound tapers down, providing... More >>

Starpin Urethral Insert

Starpin Urethral Insert $77.00 | SALE: $61.60

Stargazing just got a lot more intimate. This stainless steel Starpin Urethral Insert brings a touch of glamour to urethral sounding. The decorative, star-shaped sliding silver guard and jeweled tip make for a comely and effective tool. Made in France, this well crafted cockpin does... More >>

Handcuff Necklace with Rhinestones

Handcuff Necklace with Rhinestones  $9.50 | SALE: $5.00

Presenting The Handcuff Necklace with Rhinestones, the newest and most glamorous piece of bdsm/fetish themed jewelry we carry. Perfect for a fashionable night out on the town or as the... More >>

Squirting Cum Lube

Squirting Cum Lube $12.00 | SALE: $8.95

The new Squirting Cum Lube is specially designed and colored to duplicate the appearance and the feel of real cum! This water-based lubricant can be used inside a realistic squirting cock dildo, on a genuine real life cock for stimulation, or to lube up a dildo or vibrator for easy insertion. Great... More >>

Boy Butter Lube, Squeeze Bottle, 9 Fl. Oz.

Boy Butter Lube, Squeeze Bottle, 9 Fl. Oz. $21.00 | SALE: $16.95

Boy Butter "Churn Style" Lube is one condiment that no well-stocked sex picnic should be without. This vegetable oil based cream spreads "like buttah" and is water soluble for easy cleanup. It's great for masturbation and anal penetration, but it's not latex compatible (use nitrile gloves or... More >>