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Cocksling Original by Oxballs, Translucent Yellow

Cocksling Original by Oxballs, Translucent Yellow $18.00 | SALE: $13.00

The Cocksling is one of the most exciting and popular cock and ball toys from the guys at Oxballs! This unique toy is a perfectly crafted combination cock ring and ball stretcher made of top quality thermo-plastic and accommodates most men.

The Cocksling is perfect for those... More >>

The Rotator

The Rotator  $36.00 | SALE: $15.00

The nubbed, clear glass Rotator is sure to turn your partner's head. (Pun!) Short and sweet, the nubbed shaft flares suddenly but manageably into a strawberry shaped head with vertical grooves. Around the inner rim more nubs are placed, ready to rest on you or your partner's labia or... More >>

 Channel Surfer Remote Control Anal Plug

Channel Surfer Remote Control Anal Plug $80.00 | SALE: $50.00

What do you get for the person who likes everything? Options!

A perfect gift for your personal assistant, the battery-operated wireless Channel Surfer vibrating butt plug with remote control is an ass full of ten-speed fun!

Made from velvety-smooth 100% waterproof... More >>

Apollo Power Stroker

Apollo Power Stroker $75.00 | SALE: $50.00

While there's plenty of fun to be had masturbating the old fashioned way, you'll feel like you've walked through life blind until the point that you try out the Apollo Power Stroker, which will have you stroking so much that you just might actually lose your sight!

Starting with... More >>


JackStrap $29.99 | SALE: $15.00

The JackStrap is an elastic, black, silicone masturbation strap that wraps around the testicles to both simplify and intensify male self-stimulation. The JackStrap allows men to jack off and rub their balls at the same time, and jerk the cock more and more intensely with every masturbatory stroke.... More >>

Vibrating Feeldoe

Vibrating Feeldoe $78.00 - $119.00 | SALE: $70.00 - $95.00

Regular Price: $87- $119
Sale Price: $70- $95!


We've tested just about every double-ended harness-compatible dildo available, and they all left something to be desired... More >>

Vac-U-Lock Double Penetrator

Vac-U-Lock Double Penetrator $19.00 | SALE: $15.00

Double your penetration fun with this two-pronged dildo that's compatible with all Vac-U-Lock harnesses. Made of pliable but firm rubber, the peachy flesh-colored shafts with rosy-colored heads are soft enough for double-penetration beginners, but long and firm enough to satisfy seasoned... More >>

The Belle Vac-U-Lock Dildo

The Belle Vac-U-Lock Dildo $42.00 | SALE: $32.00

Experience the sublime beauty of exquisite dildo design with The Belle platinum silicone dildo.

Designed for those seeking a slender, but still sensational experience, The Belle features a sleek, tapered body, with a realistically shaped head, and 4 extra ridges immediately below the... More >>

Firecracker Patent Leather Wrist Restraints (R)

Firecracker Patent Leather Wrist Restraints (R) $69.00 | SALE: $45.00

These wrist cuffs are gorgeous and extremely comfortable. Their striking look makes them a great pair for the grandest party, and their durable construction can stand the toughest bondage scene.

They are made of black patent leather and lined with black fleece with fine tailored, rounded... More >>

2-Strap Leather Wrist Band

2-Strap Leather Wrist Band $20.00 | SALE: $14.95

Made of latigo belt leather, this wrist band is similar to a weight lifter's support band, and could well be used for such purposes.

But it just looks so hot on, why limit its use to the weight room? Two straps wrap around the primary cuff, and buckle to fit wrists of... More >>

Sportsheets Bondage Bar

Sportsheets Bondage Bar  $45.50 | SALE: $30.00

4 comfortable neoprene and Velcro® cuffs attached to a rigid nylon-covered 16" spreader bar. Easily secures your partner in seconds and is perfect for multiple positions.

... More >>

Over-the-Door Cuffs Set

Over-the-Door Cuffs Set $24.95 | SALE: $14.95

A doorway can be an excellent place to do a little bondage, and here is a device that helps you enjoy it, while saving your doors and doorways from marks and hardware.

Over-the-Door Cuffs are high quality velcro based sportscuffs with tethers that have a short plastic tube... More >>

Adj. Nipple Clamps, Clothespin-style, Black

Adj. Nipple Clamps, Clothespin-style, Black $16.50 | SALE: $10.95

These black nipple clamps are similar to little metal clothespins, with vinyl coating on the ends, attached to each other by a nice black chain. They don't have teeth, and the tension is easily controlled with a turn of the... More >>

The Kinky Titilizer, Steel

The Kinky Titilizer, Steel $21.00 | SALE: $12.00

The Kinky Titilizer is a variation on the standard Titilizer. It has a miniature handcuff hanging from each of the nipple nooses to make an even kinkier fashion statement.

... More >>

Breast Vise Clamp

Breast Vise Clamp $38.00 | SALE: $20.00

Squeeze and tease those bountiful bosoms, while still having your hands free to play. Simply clamp your, or your lover’s breasts between the two sturdy stainless steel bars, screw down the clamp until the pressure is just right and enjoy the sensation as you go... More >>

Nipple Suction Device

Nipple Suction Device $18.00 | SALE: $14.00

This is a simple funnel-shaped suction toy most commonly used on the nipples. It's ideal for those who prefer a lighter degree of suction without any pain.

Sold... More >>

Quick Ties

Quick Ties $20.00 | SALE: $14.95

If you are a beginner to bondage or looking to explore the softer edge of kink, try the Quick Ties. Tie or be tied by your lover to the bedpost with these soft, sturdy, foam-covered restraints. They come in a pair of 34” long, flexible, foam covered twists that can bend and tie quickly without... More >>

Bondage Mittens

Bondage Mittens $62.50 | SALE: $49.00

These bondage mittens are made of soft, stitched, black garment leather. There are locking cuffs attached at the wrists.

Each mitten measures approximately 12" in length and 4½" in width. In addition to the small D-ring on each wrist, there is a heavy-gauge D-ring at the end... More >>

White Deluxe Buckling Collar

White Deluxe Buckling Collar $32.00 | SALE: $18.00

This white leather collar is 1¾" wide and wraps around the neck twice. It has a buckle that accepts a padlock, but does not require a lock to stay closed.

Small fits 10" to 13½" neck.
Medium fits 12½" to 16½"... More >>

Deluxe Female Chastity Belt, Pink Leather

Deluxe Female Chastity Belt, Pink Leather $92.00 | SALE: $45.00

The Pink Deluxe Female Chastity Belt is a top quality piece of pink leather BDSM fetish gear.

This deluxe model locking chastity belt has a waist belt, and a second belt going between the legs flaring out in an hourglass shape around the crotch area, giving more coverage in front and in... More >>

Punk Bondage Belt

Punk Bondage Belt $38.00 | SALE: $24.00

Make a statement with our Punk Bondage Belt.

This practical and fashionable belt is made of strong latigo leather, about 1/8" thick, and features four O-rings suitable for attaching bondage equipment, or your favorite flogger or handcuffs.

The belt has... More >>

PVC Leash, 4'

PVC Leash, 4‘ $27.50 | SALE: $19.00

This is a shiny take on a classic leash, about ¾" wide, with a wrist loop on one end, and a solid claw-style chrome spring hook on the other end for easy attachment to a collar or harness. It is made of thick black PVC belting.

This leash goes great with the More >>

Sex and Metal Spiked Bit Gag

Sex and Metal Spiked Bit Gag $39.00 | SALE: $30.00

This severe spiked bit gag from Sex and Metal is appropriately medieval, to match the aesthetic of their other gear. The clear plastic sleeve protects the wearer's teeth from the hard steel of the bit itself, while not detracting from the overall effect. The chrome-plated chain extends... More >>

Trainer Ball Gag w/ Dildo Ring

Trainer Ball Gag w/ Dildo Ring $68.00 | SALE: $48.00

Starting with the original Locking Trainer Ball Gag design, which features a locking, black leather strap and a non-toxic black rubber ball mouthpiece, we have added a dildo ring to the front of the gag, giving you the option of strapping a dildo on to the front.

The nickel-plated ring... More >>

Rubber Bit Trainer Gag

Rubber Bit Trainer Gag $45.00 | SALE: $29.95

The Rubber Bit Trainer Gag is an adjustable, locking bit gag in a head-harness style. This item uses a stylish rubber horse-bit for the mouthpiece, much like The Rubber Bit Gag, but this trainer version... More >>

Heavy Red Fiberglass Cane, Rubber Handle

Heavy Red Fiberglass Cane, Rubber Handle $17.50 | SALE: $12.95

This sturdy cane has a 21" fiberglass rod with a handsome red nylon covering and a black tip. It has a black rubber-covered handle for an extra firm grip. This cane is probably best reserved for those looking for a thick, mean "whap".

Please note that handcrafted canes... More >>

Teeny Weeny Flogger

Teeny Weeny Flogger $14.00 | SALE: $8.50

This miniature flogger is designed by our in-house leatherworkers. These keychain-sized teaser whips come in Black suede or... More >>

Bon 4 Plus

Bon 4 Plus $189.00 | SALE: $94.50 - $189.00

Regular Price: $189.00
Sale Price: $94.50!


The Bon 4 Plus Combo is a serious and sexy new silicone chastity device for men, and their partners, who are passionate... More >>

The Nut Crusher

The Nut Crusher $118.00 | SALE: $80.00

This supremely sturdy steel CBT device is designed to hold the balls in place while you turn the screw to apply pressure. Even the threat of such a squeezing is likely to cause a wince in the hardest of subs, and this heavy duty apparatus is more than capable of backing up any threats you care to... More >>

Weighted Ball Stretcher

Weighted Ball Stretcher $25.95 | SALE: $15.00

The Weighted Ball Stretcher is crafted from high quality garment leather, containing tiny sand granules that make this CBT toy firm yet flexible. The dual snaps allow for custom adjustment to ensure a snug and secure fit, ideal for even the most extreme CBT scenarios. This ball stretcher weighs... More >>

Spiked Parachute Ball Stretcher

Spiked Parachute Ball Stretcher $28.00 | SALE: $19.00

The Spiked Parachute Ball Stretcher is made of black leather, with a snap closure,... More >>

Zap Electro Ball Stretcher by Oxballs

Zap Electro Ball Stretcher by Oxballs $69.00 | SALE: $55.00

Zap is a special stretcher from Oxballs that firmly presses an electro contact pad against your sack while letting you choose where the current travels.

For those into extreme ball-stim play, additional contacts are offered for Zap. The ball stretcher is platinum cure silicone in a... More >>

Oxballs Sacksling

Oxballs Sacksling $48.00 | SALE: $35.00

The Sacksling is an ultra-soft and stretchy sex toy from Oxballs that combines ball encasement with their popular Cocksling design, giving the wearer a sensual feel during intercourse, or solo masturbation play. The Sacksling allows both the penis and testicles to be easily slipped through, while... More >>

The Twirl Penis Plug

The Twirl Penis Plug $88.00 | SALE: $49.00

This super long, striking stainless steel penis plug combines the pleasure of urethral sounding with features that allow it to be worn hands-free for longer periods of time than the average sounding rod. The shaft of this penis plug is hollow, allowing the wearer to urinate or cum without removing... More >>

Cylinder, Double-Ended

Cylinder, Double-Ended $115.00 | SALE: $92.00

This cylinder is 20", long with a diameter of 2¼".

It is designed for two men to use simultaneously. Simply place a penis in each opening, attach our Basic or Deluxe Brass Hand Pump to the Air Pressure Valve, and enjoy pumping... More >>

The Claw

The Claw $25.00 | SALE: $15.00

The Claw is a sexy metal scratcher that fits comfortably on the finger and provides sensual scratching that can range from light and playful tickle, to intense scratching torture. This finger extension, scratching toy is a very attractive accessory that can easily be incorporated into role-play and... More >>

Gun Oil Lubricant

Gun Oil Lubricant $49.99 - $70.00 | SALE: $37.00 - $70.00

Regular Price: $49.00
Sale Price: $37.00!


Gun Oil - the premium, condom-safe lubricant that keeps a man's most important weapon well oiled. This silicone-based... More >>

Wet Together

Wet Together $27.50 | SALE: $19.95

Wet Together Couple’s Lubricant is his and hers lube with two distinct sensations. The male lubricant warms on contact, and the female lubricant tingles. Long lasting and silky smooth, these hypoallergenic lubricants are not sticky or gummy and wash off easily with soap and water. This lube set... More >>

Boy Butter Lube

Boy Butter Lube $10.50 - $19.50 | SALE: $10.50 - $15.00

Regular Price: $19.50
Sale Price: $15.00!


At last... A butter without all the calories!

If you haven't seen, used or heard of it already, then brace... More >>

Analyse Me! Anal Comfort Spray

Analyse Me! Anal Comfort Spray $19.95 | SALE: $15.00

Sometimes a product comes along whose name truly says it all. Analyse Me! Anal Comfort Spray is exactly that. This lidocaine and benzocaine free concoction from Pjur counteracts sensitivity so you can take your anal play a little further. It’s worth... More >>

Seven til Midnight V-Neck Fishnet Bodystocking

Seven til Midnight V-Neck Fishnet Bodystocking $14.99 | SALE: $10.00

Look flat-out devastating in this Seven ‘til Midnight V-neck fishnet bodystocking. The low neck shows your playmate that you and your ladies mean business and the crotchless design is a built in safety feature to... More >>

Flaming Asses

Flaming Asses  $29.00 | SALE: $19.95

A young schoolgirl coed gets spanked in detention…two naughty latex sluts get tied and whipped simultaneously…a workout girl is “trained” using a whip and hand spanking to try harder…a devotee of a sex cult gets initiated by two ass-attacking monks. These girls receive the discipline and correction... More >>

A is for Amour

A is for Amour $12.00 | SALE: $8.00

Tantalizing, tasteful and discreet, Cleis Press has unveiled the Erotic Alphabet, a new series edited by Alison Tyler (Best Bondage Erotica). This collection of seductive little books begins at the beginning with A is for Amour, a set of luscious tales about falling in love and... More >>

Tire Swivel

Tire Swivel $30.00 | SALE: $19.00

The Tire Swivel has a wide variety of wonderful bondage and suspension applications just waiting to be imagined. What truly separates the Tire Swivel from standard suspension hardware is the wide range of motions you’ll get from the full range ball joint.

Made of quality... More >>

The Sex Night Planner

The Sex Night Planner $10.00 | SALE: $5.95

Coordinate your busy schedules and set a date for hot sex with the Sex Night Planner™. Simply RSVP with your partner using the magnetic date planner.

Playful and flirtatious, the Sex Night Planner lets you create over one hundred hot sex scenarios.... More >>