Nipple Shields "Tigress" (B800)


Nipple Shields "Tigress"

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Crown your nipples as the center of attention and object of worship with the Tigress Nipple Shields. Each piece is 2½” in diameter, made of stainless steel. Strong, but lightweight. They can be worn with or without piercing jewelry. Eyelash glue or spirit gum is recommended for non-pierced nipples.

The shields are sold in pairs. There are ten opening diameters available in each style to accomodate all nipple sizes. See below for further information on choosing the correct size.

Sizing information: The available sizes are measured as fractions of an inch, expressed as decimals, and represent the diameter of the center opening. We realize these sizes are very precise, and may be difficult to measure with your typical ruler.

If you feel up to the task of measuring the diameter of your nipple by holding a ruler up, go for it. However, we have a couple of other suggestions which will be easier and more precise. The easiest method uses a ruler that measures millimeters. First, find the circumference of your nipple: wrap a piece of dental floss or string around your nipple, mark the string where it comes together, lay the string out flat on the millimeters side of your ruler and measure the distance between the markings (it should be between 20 and 40 mm).

Now use the little calculator below to figure out the diameter of your nipple in inches. This number may not exactly match any of our sizes, but choose a size that's closest, or maybe slightly smaller for a snug fit.

nipple circumference:   mm


nipple diameter:   inches

Nipple Sizing Chart:

 •  x-small: diameter 0.250 - 0.281
 •  small: diameter 0.312 - 0.343
 •  medium: diameter 0.375 - 0.406
 •  large: diameter 0.421 - 0.437
 •  x-large: diameter 0.453 - 0.468

If you only have a ruler that measures inches, it is possible to measure the circumference as described above, and then divide by 3.14 to get the diameter in inches. But the math is unhandy, since rulers that measure in inches usually show fractions such as 1/16 of an inch, which would need to be converted to a decimal by dividing one by sixteen.

Made in the USA

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