New Sex Toys

Teddy Love

Teddy Love $99.95

Ready to meet your new best friend? This tantalizing teddy bear is more than just a comforting cuddle buddy; its soft plastic nose, muzzle, and protruding tongue conceal a powerful motor that turns this plush pal into a beast in bed!

Teddy Love bridges the gap between classic... More >>

Renegade Ripcord

Renegade Ripcord $20.00

Like a ripcord will open your parachute while skydiving, the Renegade Ripcord from NS Novelties will open your backdoor to a new sexual world of anal pleasures and more (just be more gentle!). This small, shapely silicone plug is great for beginners with its slimmer width, yet will satisfy cock and... More >>

Muscle Cock Sheath by Atomic Jock

Muscle Cock Sheath by Atomic Jock $64.00

Ok, we’re going to get real here. There are toys that are made for partner use but are typically designed to be more fun for one person than the other. Enter the blessed sex saviors at Atomic Jock by Oxballs, who are constantly tweaking and improving their already innovative and successful sex... More >>

Mini Stella I Kegel Balls

Mini Stella I Kegel Balls $24.99

With a small 1 inch diameter, these Mini Stella I Kegel Balls by Jopen are perfect for those looking for a smaller size. Each set includes 2 balls, each constructed with a different free-floating weight inside, so you’ll feel its pleasurable, natural vibrations with your own movements.
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Mini Stella II Kegel Balls

Mini Stella II Kegel Balls  $31.99

For those already with strong muscles looking to keep them in shape, the Mini Stella II Kegel Balls from Jopen offer healthy weights with a slim 1 inch diameter. Featuring a silicone sling that holds 2 balls at once, this set comes with 3 balls: one 30 gram ball and two 40 gram balls, so you can... More >>

Perfect Plug Butt Plug

Perfect Plug Butt Plug $32.00

It doesn’t get much smaller than this! Aptly named the Perfect Plug, this finger-sized butt plug is truly perfect for anal introductions to timid tushies. Simply lube up and gently slide the super slim graduated tip inside, slowly inserting past its pleasurable curves, which grow no bigger than ¾... More >>

Charms Curve Vibrator

Charms Curve Vibrator $39.99

A versatile vibrator that’s small enough to fit in your pocket with an impeccably angled tip to tickle your targets. The Key Charms Petite Massager Curve by Jopen will perfectly pleasure wherever you point it, for arousing nipple thrills, satisfying g-spot or clitoral stimulation, or even an... More >>

Mio Silicone Dildo

Mio Silicone Dildo $32.00

For impressive penetration and stimulation, the Mio Silicone Dildo will satisfy you with a generous fullness while masterfully massaging your g-spot with each stroke. Featuring a smartly designed wide, round head angled to contour with your body, its 5 and a half inches of insertable length is... More >>

Slow Drive Silicone Dildo, Long

Slow Drive Silicone Dildo, Long $51.00

For bulls eye-targeted massage with extra length minus the extra girth, Tantus has created the Slow Drive Long Dildo, a 2 inch longer version of their original Slow Drive Dildo (F323-Z). Its smooth shaft features a distinct curved tip designed to stimulate the g-spot or prostate while its 7 inches... More >>

Ze Bowl Magnetic Cock Ring

Ze Bowl Magnetic Cock Ring $82.95

Raging hard-ons rage even harder with the Ze Bowl Magnetic Cock Ring. This ultra thick gauge stainless steel ring features a big ball detail that also doubles as its best feature: unlike most other metal cock rings that are difficult and unforgiving to put on, the Ze Bowl features a removable and... More >>

Devine Playchest

Devine Playchest $150.00

The Devine Playchest is a gorgeously lux, doctor’s bag-style carrying case, equally perfect for sex toy storage as well as discreet packing for parties or travel. Lockable to prevent curious snooping, but with a safe pocket to hide and store keys so that they’re never misplaced in your time of... More >>

Warm Up Pegging Dildo

Warm Up Pegging Dildo  $26.00

Barely bigger than a finger, the Warm Up Pegging Dildo from Tantus is ideal for entry-level entry and bashful behinds. Perfectly sized for pleasurable prostate massage without stretching penetration, the head of the Warm Up is shaped slightly larger and rounded for comfortable stimulation as you... More >>

Entice Vivien

Entice Vivien  $99.00

Turn up the heat - literally! The Entice Vivien silicone rabbit vibrator gives more than vibrations, its shaft also heats up to a warm 104 degrees F (40 degrees C). While silicone naturally warms to your body temperature, this extra few degrees makes it even more intense.

Its shaft... More >>

Love Rider Wireless Pleaser

Love Rider Wireless Pleaser  $65.00

The Love Rider Wireless Pleaser was named this for a reason - with dual motors to simultaneously stimulate your g-spot and clitoris, this rabbit-shaped vibrator was designed to please.

With ample thickness to fill you and a shorter length to hit right where you want it, the Love... More >>

Love Rider Wireless G

Love Rider Wireless G  $59.95

The Rechargeable Love Rider Wireless G speaks for itself - whether you use it by itself or with a strap on harness, this smooth silicone g-spot vibrator will hit the magic mark, massaging with your choice of 7 different vibration, pulsation, and escalation functions for complete ecstasy. With a... More >>

Love Rider Wireless Curve

Love Rider Wireless Curve $59.95

The Love Rider Wireless Curve vibrator is the perfect size and shape for satisfying penetration and gratifying g-spot stimulation. Its powerful motor features 7 different functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation, transferring the pleasing sensations along the length of the shaft through to... More >>

We-Vibe 4 Plus

We-Vibe 4 Plus $180.00

The We-Vibe 4 couples vibe fits inside her body, creating multiple stimulation points for both partners.

This hands-free vibe alternates between clitoral and G-spot stimulation and is completely controlled by a wireless remote with settings to adjust intensity, mode, and intervals.... More >>

Doxy Vibrating Wand Massager

Doxy Vibrating Wand Massager $139.00

Make some magic tonight with the Doxy wand massager!

The Doxy was designed and manufactured in the UK to meet the growing demand for a more powerful, higher quality wand-style vibrator. This vibe is capable of reaching a top speed of 9000 rpm, and the unique aluminum weight and... More >>

Mystim Electric Eric

Mystim Electric Eric $169.50

From the latest line of revolutionary e-stim vibrators from Mystim is Electric Eric, delivering strong vibrations and electrical pulses - simultaneously and with no other equipment required!

As a vibrator with a comfortable 1.5 inch diameter and over 5 inches of insertable length,... More >>

Donkey Double Fucker Silicone Dildo by Oxballs

Donkey Double Fucker Silicone Dildo by Oxballs $104.00

Ever dream of a donkey-sized dick swinging low between your legs, rock solid and ready to fuck? Oxballs certainly has, and now they’re making dreams come true with the Donkey Double Fucker Silicone Dildo. Held securely with a cock ring at its base, simply slide on this massive dong and watch your... More >>

Gripper Nipple Suckers by Atomic Jock

Gripper Nipple Suckers by Atomic Jock $22.00

So simple, so good… Gripper Nipple Suckers deliver serious suction with a proven design including added function and style. Made by the notorious players at Atomic Jock, these tried and tested toys are sure to please nipple play fans across the globe.

Using these slightly tapered... More >>

Unit-X Stretch by Atomic Jock

Unit-X Stretch by Atomic Jock $25.00

Sleek, strong, soft, and stretchy, the Unit-X Stretch Sports Sling from Atomic Jock will wrap around you with just the right amount of squeeze, with an extra emphasis on your balls. If you tried the original Unit-X and wished it had more tension on your testicles, the Stretch Sports Sling version... More >>

Z-Balls by Atomic Jock

Z-Balls by Atomic Jock $24.00

The Z-Balls ball stretcher and cock ring from Atomic Jock is a multi-purpose must-have for every mantle of manhood. Its unique, patent-pending design makes this 3 toys in 1: ball stretcher, cock ring, and dual-purpose harness for the ultimate tight embrace for your bulging display.
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Ball Bender Package Enhancer by Oxballs

Ball Bender Package Enhancer by Oxballs $23.00

Scrotum fans rejoice, the Ball Bender Package Enhancer from Oxballs is here to make even the smallest balls bulge like boulders. This modest piece packs a big punch while being exceptionally discreet, appearing as a thin ball stretcher from the front and slightly cupped in the back to push and lift... More >>

Butthole Fuck Plug by Oxballs

Butthole Fuck Plug by Oxballs $56.00 - $84.00

You’re about to experience a whole new anal adventure: introducing the Butt-Hole Fuckplug. No strangers to anal experimentation, your deviant wishmakers at Oxballs have created this unique sex toy to stimulate so many sensations simultaneously.

Made in firm yet flexible silicone,... More >>

Ass Bomb By Oxballs

Ass Bomb By Oxballs $44.00 - $74.00

Win the war on anal action with the Ass Bomb, a hollow silicone butt plug from Oxballs. Available in 3 sizes, Are you a tight ass? Prepare yourself for the size small, with a diameter just under 2 and a half inches. Loose lips sink ships? Hopefully the size large’s 3 and a half inch diameter should... More >>

Fuze Velvet Dildo

Fuze Velvet Dildo $59.00

The Velvet Dildo by Fuze is an innovative addition to the strap on harness compatible world of dildos. At 1” wide, the Velvet is a smaller, more narrow dildo, making it ideal for pegging beginners or those that don’t want excessive girth, but still long enough for effective thrusting penetration.... More >>

Fuze Ultra Dildo

Fuze Ultra Dildo $74.00

The Fuze Ten Ultra silicone dildo gets it name from its ultra realistic, textured appearance. For those that crave and enjoy the feeling of bulging veins and muscles along the shaft rather than a perfectly smooth abstract shape, the lifelike look and feel of the Ultra dildo is sure to arouse your... More >>

The Veronica Dildo Harness

The Veronica Dildo Harness $79.00

Who says strap on harnesses can’t be cute and stylish on their own?

The Veronica harness by Velvet Nest has a fun retro flair, sitting low on the hips, flattering your curves with adjustable D-rings for the perfect fit. Delightfully discreet and exceedingly comfortable, you can even... More >>

The Lynn Dildo Harness

The Lynn Dildo Harness $79.00

Be the sexy femme top that you are in The Lacey strap on dildo harness by Velvet Nest.

Featuring a risque peek-a-boo look in pale nude cotton fabric covered with sensual black lace, this feminine little harness more closely resembles lingerie and can be comfortably worn under your... More >>

Red Lace Corsette Strap-On

Red Lace Corsette Strap-On $40.00

Enjoy strap-on play in style and comfort with Sportsheets’ Red Corsette Strap-On harness!

Its soft fabric construction minimizes any distraction during use, and it’s versatile with its included interchangeable rubber O-rings that accommodate a multitude of dildos or other... More >>

Plus Size Beginner's Strap-On

Plus Size Beginner‘s Strap-On $40.00 | SALE: $30.00

Enjoy strap-on play in comfort with Sportsheets Beginner’s Strap-On harness!

Its soft fabric construction minimizes any distraction during use, and it’s versatile with its included interchangeable O-rings that accommodate a multitude of dildos or other flared-base insertables. More >>

Plus Size Red Lace with Satin

Plus Size Red Lace with Satin $49.00

Enjoy strap-on play in style and comfort with Sportsheets’ Red Lace Strap-On harness!

Its soft fabric construction minimizes any distraction during use, and it’s versatile with its included interchangeable rubber O-rings that accommodate a multitude of dildos or other flared-base... More >>

Plus Size Black PVC

Plus Size Black PVC $47.00

Enjoy strap-on play in comfort with Sportsheets Beginner’s Strap-On harness!

Its soft fabric construction minimizes any distraction during use, and it’s versatile with its included interchangeable O-rings that accommodate a multitude of dildos or other flared-base insertables. More >>

Plus Size Doggie Strap

Plus Size Doggie Strap $21.99

Sportsheets has finally done it…a doggie-style strap that will have full- curved women reaching her highest climax with the new Plus Size Doggie Strap!

This classic is back, now with a wider and longer soft padded strap. Still incredibly easy to use, that fits comfortably under your... More >>

Maya Vibrator

Maya Vibrator $99.00

Pump up the volume! Maya by Nobu Toys features their exclusive “sound response system,” detecting audible sounds and increasing vibrations with the level of volume. This uniquely innovative vibrator will translate your favorite sounds into your new favorite sensations. And for those that prefer to... More >>

Saki Vibrator

Saki Vibrator  $99.00

Feeling hot? Let the Saki vibrator make you hotter. This must-have rabbit-style vibe has 10 speeds and 3 motors: 2 in its shaft and 1 in its clit stem, strategically placed to hit all of your pleasure zones. But what makes it really special is its exclusive temperature sensor system - the Sake... More >>

Mika Vibrator

Mika Vibrator  $99.00

Let your g-spot groove to your favorite tunes or let your lover’s voice lull you to ecstasy with the amazing Mika vibrator by Nobu Toys. Featuring an exclusive “sound response system,” this innovative vibe will increase vibrations with the presence of sound. Simply increase the volume for more... More >>

Yuza Vibrator

Yuza Vibrator $99.00

Melt away your worries with the Yuzu by Nobu Toys. Perfectly curved for g-spot stimulation and comfortable ergonomic handling, its shaft is made of soft, body-safe silicone, wrapped in smooth ridges for extra sensations. More than just smart design, this unassuming yet innovative toy features a... More >>

Joanna Angel Cock Ring with Bullet Vibe

Joanna Angel Cock Ring with Bullet Vibe $33.00

This soft pink leather cock ring features five snaps that can provide a snug fit for partners of most girths and a powerful black bullet vibe that's sure to leave them shaking, satisfied, and begging for more!

Like each piece in the Joanna Angel Line, this cock ring with vibrating... More >>

Stella I Key by Jopen

Stella I Key by Jopen $30.00

Discover a new world of stronger orgasms and better sex with the Stella I Key Kegel exerciser.

This simple exerciser is made with top-quality, soft silicone and, with proper regular use, is guaranteed to help strengthen the pelvic floor and vaginal muscles.

Designed... More >>

Stella II Key by Jopen

Stella II Key by Jopen $35.00

Run a tight ship and discover a new world of stronger orgasms after working out with the Stella II Key kegel ball set.

This unique and comfortable product is made entirely of soft body-safe silicone, and it is designed to help strengthen your pelvic floor and vaginal muscles with... More >>

Tantus Bound Dildo

Tantus Bound Dildo  $59.00

Perfect for those who crave the ultimate textured dildo, Bound is made from Ultra-Premium silicone of medium size (a bit over 6 inches) and realistic feel - but with a lot extra.

The phallic head, sculpted veins and textured skin-like surface are further enhanced by detailed ropes... More >>

Tantus Sport Dildo

Tantus Sport Dildo  $42.00

Tantus has created a balanced, functional toy in the Sport - a medium size dildo with a pronounced head for gentle stimulation of the g-spot or prostate.

The teardrop-shaped base creates an ideal grip for manual use, provides an anchor for strapping-on a harness, all while... More >>

Tantus Slow Drive Dildo

Tantus Slow Drive Dildo  $44.00

Tantus has created an ideally functional toy in the Slow Drive - a medium size dildo with a significant upward angle near the head for great stimulation of the g-spot or prostate.

The teardrop-shaped base creates an ideal grip for manual use, provides an anchor for strapping-on a... More >>