Nachtdrachen Ear Charm (F093)


Nachtdrachen Ear Charm

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Who wouldn't want a mysterious black dragon whispering sweet nothings into their ear?

The dramatic Nachtdrachen Ear Charm transcends simple jewelry, as it becomes a statement piece in the form of a full ear wrap.

The head of the dragon rests on top of the ear where it meets the skull, its mouth positioned perfectly to speak its secrets to the wearer. Its delicate body flows over and behind the ear, then curves to the front of the lobe to pierce it with a wire post. The tail continues from behind the lobe in an elegant curve back toward the front to a pointed tip reminiscent of a classic devil-tail.

Product Details:

 • English Pewter/Surgical Steel Post

 • From Top to Stud: 2.45in/6.2cm

 • Sold Individually

 • Fits the Right Ear

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