Mystim Twisting Tom (E432)


Mystim Twisting Tom

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Talk about putting the spark back in the bedroom-- in a never-before-seen display of innovation, the Mystim e-stim Twisting Tom massager stimulates both the prostate and the perineum thanks to its unique tetra-polar construction.

Two electrical poles create conductive surfaces on both sides to keep you tingling all night long, and smooth silicone featuring the Mystim brand's proprietary Flex & Stay technology lets you personalize your experience by bending into and holding any shape you choose.

Twisting Tom's smooth black silicone material is long-lasting, ensuring that the party is safe, fun, and doesn't stop. A comfort-molded grip for safety and ease of use finishes off the perfection of the design.

Please Note: Mystim accessories can only be used with the Mystim power units unless otherwise specified.

This accessory works with Mystim Tension Lover and Mystim Pure Vibes TENS units.

Product Details:

 • Length: 13cm/5.1 inches

 • Diameter (widest point): 37mm/1.5 inches

 • 100% medical grade silicone

 • Two-year manufacturer's warranty

 • Detailed instructions for setup and use

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