Mystim Sizzling Simon (E824)

Mystim Sizzling Simon

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The revolutionary new e-stim vibrators from Mystim are the only self-contained toys that combine electrical stimulation and vibration, with no cables or external devices required for operation!

Mystim’s sleek, black Sizzling Simon contains two vibratory motors, one in the tip and another in the shaft — and these feature eight modes, with five degrees of pulsating intensity, controlled by buttons in the handle. Meanwhile, five different electrical stimulation programs send tingly sensations along the length of the shaft, with a range of ten intensity levels!

Finally, Simon offers an optional electrical training program which directly excites the muscles in the base of the pelvis, causing them to rhythmically contract. These healthy kegel exercises improve blood flow, strengthen the pelvis, and can even enhance a woman’s ability to achieve orgasm.

The electrical and vibe functions can be used either together or singly. The Sizzling Simon’s internal battery is charged by a USB connector that attaches to the side via magnet, and a fully-charged unit will provide at least three hours of peak performance. Made of smooth, 100% medical grade silicone and a water-sealed plastic handle, it’s easy to clean and maintain. This exquisitely designed tool is powerful, ultra-quiet, and designed to propel its user into a whole new world of sensual pleasures!

  Product Details:

 • Made of 100% medical grade platinum silicone

 • Waterproof plastic handle

 • Length: 10in/25.4cm

 • 8 Vibration programs (5 intensity levels)

 • 5 E-stim programs (10 intensity levels)

 • Pelvic floor kegel training program

 • Rechargeable long-life lithium-ion battery w/USB connection

 • Weight:  10oz/283.5g

 • Zippered hard shell carrying case

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