Mystim Pure Vibes (D792)

Mystim Pure Vibes

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The Mystim Pure Vibes is a unique and exciting way to bring a new variety of sensuality to the bedroom. This electrical nerve stimulator unit can be easily controlled to create a pulsing rhythmic sensation, gentle prickling or a more intense muscle spasm. The device comes with 2 individually adjustable channels and 3 different programs. You're in control of the rhythm and intensity so experiment alone or with a partner for the ultimate in sensory play.


  • Weight 0.24 lbs including battery (4.2oz)

  • Asymmetrical biphasic square pulse

  • Intensity 0-80 mA

  • Frequency 2-150 Hz

  • Impulse width 30 - 260 ┬Ás

  • Measures: appr. 94.7 x 64.8 x 25 mm (l x w x h)

  • Battery: 9V battery

  • Certified according to the medical device law with CE 0483   • 24 months manufacturer warranty


  • 1 Analog Mystim stimulation current device

  • 1 Solid plastic suit case

  • 4 Self-adhesive electrodes

  • 2 Wires for self-adhesive electrodes

  • 1 Battery 9V

  • 1 Instruction manual in English, German, Spanish, Dutch and French

Safety, Care and Usage

Always read the instructions carefully before playing with any electrical play devices.

Mystim accessories should only be used with Mystim power boxes unless otherwise specified.

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