Lightning Rod (D425)

Lightning Rod

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Crank your electrical play up a notch with the lightning rod, an accessory for the violet wand. Visually appealing and great for public play, the entire rod lights up when in use. The electrical charge runs between the two prongs at the end, like a cattle prod. Zap! The lightning rod produces an intense, topical shock. This accessory comes in two lengths. These accessories are hand-held and conduct electricity when the body contact attachment is connected to the violet wand.


  • Total length is 6in/15.24cm or 9in/22.86cm

  • Circumference is 2.25in/5.71cm

Safety, Care and Usage

To play with this toy safely, follow all instructions for your violet wand. After use, this toy can be cleaned with a spray of glass cleaner or mild soap.

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