Leather Choker With O-Ring (J069)

Leather Choker With O-Ring

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The Leather Choker with O-Ring is stylish and attractive in public, functional and erotic in private. This is a buckling collar, ½" wide, with a D-ring as a point of attachment.

The basic Choker has an O-ring pendant, appropriate for attaching a leash or bondage implement.

Product Details:

•  Small fits 11 - 14.5in (27.9 - 36.8cm)

•  Medium fits 13 - 16.5in (33 - 41.9cm)

•  Large fits 13.5 - 18in (34.3 - 45.7cm)

•  X Large fits 14.5 - 19in (36.8 - 48.3cm)

Made In the USA

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