Latex Sport Top (Y7319)

Latex Sport Top

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Syren latex items are custom made.

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This is the Women's Sport Top, made with 14-gauge latex. It is the most basic of all latex wear, a suitable stepping stone for the curious party wishing to explore the erotic world of latex body garments and accessories.

The Sport Top is suitable for retro-Anime costume parties, late night beach parties, biker conventions, outdoor wear, and even initiation for either fetish wear or the consenting master-servant relationship. It is revealing enough to enhance the athletic body type, yet will not compromise the wearer's modesty.

As with all specialized outfits, special care must be exercised when wearing the Sport Top. This is not a cotton wife-beater, ladies. This Top shows you are committed to the latex lifestyle. Wear it with conviction, authority, and pride

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NOTE: The default color is Black (Y7319)

For this item in Color (YC7319), call us at 1-800-755-TOYS to place your custom order!
COLOR OPTIONS: White, Yellow, Chocolate, Orange, Baby Blue, Pearl Blue, Royal Blue, Jade Green, Hunter Green, Military Green, Electric Leaf, Metallic Green, Red, Metallic Red, Scarlet Red, Hot Pink, Rose Pink, Baby Pink, Violet, Plum, Pearl Purple, Pearl Silver, Pearl Pewter, Pearl Bronze, Pearl Gold, Metallic Old Gold, Semi Transparent Natural, Semi Transparent Flesh, Transparent Purple, Transparent Black, Transparent Blue, Transparent Yellow, Transparent Amber, Transparent Hot Pink, Transparent Pink, Transparent Smoke

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Syren is a recognized brand among both fetish fashion enthusiasts and filmmakers who have counted on the company to produce costumes for films such as Batman, Catwoman and Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Joining forces with the latex designers, we are proud to announce that Syren products have exciting updated styles and improved manufacturing techniques that greatly increase the life of the garments. All Syren products are produced in Los Angeles.

Made In the USA

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