Jackboot Paddle (E258)

Jackboot Paddle

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Give them the boot! The Raging Stallion Jackboot Paddle packs a wallop, leaving a distinct impression; a rubber boot sole, size 14, on one side of this 18-inch oak paddle means one solid smack leaves a classic boot-bottom imprint on the ass of the receiver. This spanker is very effective, and you need not even lift your own feet off the floor while spanking that naughty bottom. This clever spanker’s smooth and slightly rounded edges thoughtfully include a black rubber-coated grip to protect your own hands from chafing as you turn those cheeks cherry red.

Product Details:

 • Length 18.5in/47cm

 • Width is 4.8in/12.2cm at toe, 3.5in/8.9cm at heel

 • Length of boot imprint is 12in/30.5cm

 • Width of paddle is 5in/12.7cm

 • Light oak wooden paddle with black rubber

Safety, Care and Usage:

Wipe your paddle with a soft cloth to keep it spankin’ new.

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