Ivy Manor

A Time to Squeal

A Time to Squeal $19.95

Synopsis: It’s time to squeal when this giggly slave finds himself in the middle of a double team by Mistress Isabella and Jezebel Chi. This dynamic duo goes to the extremes of bondage and tickle torture using items such as feathers, shrink wrap, and a gas mask, just to name a few. More >>

Ivy Manor 4 - Continuing Education

Ivy Manor 4 - Continuing Education $24.95

Synopsis: Part 4 of the series returns Jennifer to the Manor, where she must endure a new set of torments from Mistress Isabella. And when she’s not being... More >>

Pinkys Trial

Pinkys Trial $19.95

Synopsis: Mistress Betka Schpitz and her slave pinky have come to Isabella to celebrate their three-month anniversary. They are testing pinky to see if she can tell which mistress is which, by taste, smell, whip and cane. When she fails she gets stretched with another slave on her rack. More >>

Submission of Star

Submission of Star $34.95

Synopsis: It began with a knock at the door. Slave Star returns to the Ivy Manor from her worldly travels. But because of her journey of misbehavior, Mistress Isabella Sinclaire is forced to remind Star that there is no place like home…to be whipped back into shape, that is. More >>

Humilation of Geek Worm

Humilation of Geek Worm $19.95

Synopsis: Slave geek worm is disciplined for having no control when he is told to keep his eyes down. Features verbal humiliation, ashtray humiliation, face slapping, dog food consumption and spitting.

Cast: Isabella Sinclaire More >>