"I‘ve Never...?" The Game of Truth (G005)

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"I‘ve Never...?" The Game of Truth

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Featured in Playboy and Newsweek, “I’ve Never…?” is a drinking game that’s a variation on a theme of truth or dare.

The object of the game is to be the first to make it around the board, but you will all have fun getting there (or be too drunk to remember). The questions range from pretty simple and generic: “I’ve never been arrested?” to a little more personal: “I’ve never had sex in the back of a car?” to things you might want to lie about: “I’ve never had sex with my best friend’s ex?”

The rules are variable and there are blank cards for making up your own questions. You’re sure to have a lot of fun, and learn more about your friends than you’ve ever wanted to know.

Board Game Includes: Game Board, Dice 8 playing pieces, and 100 “I’ve Never” question cards.

Brand New! Bar Card variation for playing on the go! Bar Cards Include: Rules, 104 "I've Never" question cards, and 10 make-your-own question cards.

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