Irene Boss Stimulus Package (E307)

Irene Boss Stimulus Package

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From the Back Cover:

Has the economy got you in the doldrums? Need a little stimulus? Well loosen up that belt my droogs because it's time for a little of the old ultra violet "Irene Boss Stimulus Package."

Here's what can happen at the Compound. (Extended vacations for businessmen are available.) You may be placed in...predicament bondage with a cbt parachute. You might endure a silicon vibrating electric butt plug, electric metal cock rings, electro pads, electric bi polar nipple clamps, various electric metal butt plugs, electro sex gloves, multiple electric silicon cock rings, leather electric cbt sheaths, and many boxes by Rimba, Folsum, Pleasure Tech, and Erostech. Irene in a grey rubber catsuit and boots.

Va va voom and wowie zowie! Special thank you to footsucker for "manning up".

Runtime: 90 minutes

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