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Expert Guide To Pegging

Expert Guide To Pegging $29.95

From back of DVD:

Starring: Dylan Ryan, Wolf Hudson, Jiz Lee, Mickey Mod, Jada Fire, and Christian, special appearance by Tristan Taormino

Written, Directed, and Hosted by Tristan Taormino

Pegging (where women use strap-on dildos on their male... More >>

Expert Guide to Anal Pleasure for Men

Expert Guide to Anal Pleasure for Men $34.95

Synopsis: Welcome to the world of anal pleasure for men! Anal sex expert Tristan Taormino busts myths and challenges stereotypes about male sexuality as she sheds light on one of the most important erogenous zones for men. Let her guide you step by step as she teaches an informative... More >>

Expert Guide To The G-Spot

Expert Guide To The G-Spot $34.95

Synopsis: Sex expert Tristan Taormino teaches a G-spot workshop for couples where she reviews female sexual anatomy, dispels myths about the G-spot, and offers explicit advice to improve and enhance G-spot stimulation. Co-hosts Sarah and Donna join her and share their own experiences and... More >>

Bend Over Boyfriend 2

Bend Over Boyfriend 2 $38.00

This "sequel" to the original Bend Over Boyfriend guide spends more time on hot sex and less time on instruction. As the makers put it, "More Rockin', Less Talkin'."

Four separate couples enjoy the many ways that men can be penetrated anally by their female partners with a harness &... More >>

Bend Over Boyfriend DVD

Bend Over Boyfriend DVD $38.00

This excellent instructional video featuring sex education guru Carol Queen is a must-have for heterosexual couples interested in exploring anal sex.

Though it is more geared towards women pleasuring men using dildos and strap-ons, the information discussed would be... More >>

Maximum Performance, DVD

Maximum Performance, DVD $28.50

This instructional DVD by R.M. Karchmer, M.S., is for the man who is serious about safely enlarging his erection to its fullest potential.

This instructional program features a unique system to assist nearly any man in reaching his "optimal sexual performance". See the... More >>

Whip Play

Whip Play $20.00

Enjoy single tail scenes that are easy, fun, and wicked! Victor Tella’s Whip Play is the ultimate instructional DVD for learning the techniques of erotic whip play from the master himself. This instructional DVD teaches you single basic cracks, advanced techniques, safety, aftercare, and a... More >>

Midori's Expert Guide to Sensual Bondage

Midori‘s Expert Guide to Sensual Bondage $34.95

Synopsis: Sex expert Midori introduces couples to the world of adventurous sex by sharing her vast knowledge about one of the most intimate activities: sensual bondage. With fun, useful tips and tricks, she’ll show you step-by-step how to tie up your lover to take your sexual experiences... More >>

Expert Guide to Rough Sex

Expert Guide to Rough Sex $34.95


Do you like rough sex? Perhaps you enjoy intense physical sensations and nothing turns you on more than the hard thud from a good slap or the feeling of someone pulling your hair. Or you want to explore highly-charged fantasies and power dynamics. Maybe you’re looking for... More >>

Kick Ass Pussy Pump

Kick Ass Pussy Pump $38.00

The Pussy Pump is a candy pink colored suction cup (with pump) containing a demonstration DVD included. Blow up your pussy to gigantic proportions and enjoy increased sensitivity and tightness for you and your partner. The Kick Ass Pussy Pump is the same exact model used in the movies. After use,... More >>