Hydromax X30 Pump (E799)

Hydromax X30 Pump

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The Hydromax X30 Pump penis enlarger uses water pressure rather than air pressure to create a pleasing sensation and noticeable permanent results. Users can gain one to three inches in just 15 minutes a day. Designed to work in the bath or shower; Superflow Latch Valve allows one-handed filling. Pump comes with two interchangeable contoured comfort pads, one designed for optimal positioning in the shower and another angled for use in the tub.

Product Details:

 • Maximum Length: 10in/25.4cm

 • Maximum Width: 2.1in/5.3cm

 • Maximum Girth: 7in/17.7cm

 • Increases length and girth

 • Safe and easy to use

 • Metric and Imperial measurement guide

 • Available in Red, Clear, or Blue

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