How to Be a Dominant Diva (C305)


How to Be a Dominant Diva
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Hey, Divas! Are you ready to take control of your lust life -- and your lover? How To Be A Dominant Diva serves up 69 frisky, seductive sex games designed to help you do just that. By opening our revolutionary Doors of Desire, you and your lover will possess tools for exploring erotic role-play and power exchange in a way that's exciting but never intimidating. And once you master our tips and tricks, not only will you have your lover's full attention -- you'll hijack his every thought even when you’re not around.

This book is written primarily for heterosexual couples, but it has fun ideas for every couple combination.

Each sexy scenario includes detailed instructions, a list of passion props, and goddess tips guaranteed to send you both into orgasmic overdrive. Need a visual aid? The flirtatious photos found throughout this book will both encourage and invigorate you. Game on!

*Features gorgeous, sexy black-and-white photos
*Innovative gatefold design that no sex book has ever used before

ISBN: 0976967103; 304 pages; paperback.

Dimensions: 9.2" by 7.6" by 0.9".

By Georgia Payne and Julie Taylor.

Julie Taylor is a top sex writer for Cosmopolitan and Redbook and former ghostwriter for the nation's top-selling sex author, Laura Corn.

Georgia Payne is one of America's most prominent dominatrixes with a large clientele in both Los Angeles and New York.

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