Horse Lunge Whip (QU01580)


Horse Lunge Whip
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Are you having trouble keeping your submissive in line during horse training? They won’t prance or trot to your satisfaction? The Horse Lunge Whip is a specialty horse whip for serious bondage play. Designed to coordinate horses’ movements around a track without a rider, the craftsmanship and attention to detail of this whip are superb, allowing you to take a hands-off approach to dominance.

The Horse Lunge Whip is unique in that the first 14.5 inches of the thong, from the base of the handle, is perfectly stiff. The flexible remaining 34.5 inches hangs down from the whip at a right angle, giving you greater control over the distance from your target -- as well as impeccable equestrian style. The short handle is woven from supple strips of black leather, featuring a knot at each end, and the wrist loop is connected to the bottom of the handle by a 1 inch metal ring, for a more industrial look. The thong is woven from 8 strips of smooth, soft, high quality leather, ending in a short fall. Add a fall and a cracker to get more of a cracking sound, and to give your whinnying sub more of a stinging sensation.

 •54 in/137.2cm in Total Length
 •35in/88.9cm Thong
 •5in/12.7cm Handle
 •3.5in/8.9cm Fall
 •7in/17.8cm Wrist Loop
 •Weighs 4 oz.
 •These whips are handmade works of art and may vary in size by several inches

Safety and Usage

Whips should only be handled by an experienced handler. You will hit yourself on the head, arms and back while practicing, please seek out a professional for training so you don’t do any permanent damage to yourself or loved ones. If you are going to practice on your own, use proper safety gear; goggles, wide brim hat and a scarf or other neck protector. Those who practice flagellation should start with a soft flogger to warm up the skin and muscles. Paper targets are best to start with.

To keep your whip in shape and ensure that it has a long life, take care of it. The worst thing you can do is to get it dirty and wet. Both dirt and water will damage the whip and ruin it quickly. On the other hand, not all leather oils are good for your whips; they are designed to soften leather and keep it moist -- which is not a good idea, as we’ve already pointed out. If you want to break in your whip, just use it.

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