Hemp Rope Starter Kit by Twisted Monk (C679)

Hemp Rope Starter Kit by Twisted Monk

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Hemp rope from Twisted Monk is now available at JT’s Stockroom. The Hemp Rope Starter Kit is available in three different colors. You can get this wonderful rope in Natural, Black, or Red.

Each Hemp Rope Starter Kit includes a pair of EMT (emergency medical technician) Safety Shears. These safety shears are made from hardened stainless steel, and they're blunt tipped for cutting close to the skin. They are 7½” long.

Hemp rope is the highest quality natural fiber rope on the market. It is a favorite among rope bondage enthusiasts. Each starter kit includes one 30-foot length of 6mm rope, and two 10-foot lengths of 6mm rope.

This hemp rope is organic, fair trade, and processed with allergen free and animal free oils. It is all 100% vegan and animal friendly. It is conditioned using a special ten step process.

Industrial hemp is made from the plant, Cannabis Sativa. This means it is “true hemp” (unlike lower grade Manila hemp which is made from bananas). The raw rope is of the highest quality Romanian hemp rope.

Hemp is very beneficial to the environment.

Made in the USA

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