Ivy Manor Slaves 4: The Bodyguards

Ivy Manor Slaves 4: The Bodyguards $34.95

In this installment, after intensifying security at The Ivy Manor, Mistress Isabella welcomes her new prized pupil, Madison, for some one-on-one training. Little does Isabella know, her guest has other plans. After letting her guard down, Isabella’s bodyguards step in to save the day when Madison... More >>


Snatched $34.95

Become mesmerized in a latex world of lusty abduction, where love, sex, and bizarre torments will not only excite you, but torment your desires into a throbbing state. Mistress Aradia plays a beautiful monster that has found herself in a demonic state of rapture, addicted to her juicy victim... More >>

Bound and Gagged

Bound and Gagged $24.95

Synopsis: Watch as Anna Valentina is put through the paces in a series of compromising predicaments. Each is more restrictive than the previous one, with a multitude of gags used to keep her quiet as she struggles with her bonds.

Cast List: Anna Valentina.
More >>

Slavery: A Love Story Vol. 1 Part 2

Slavery: A Love Story Vol. 1 Part 2 $39.95

Synopsis: Mistress Julie Simone accepts a new slave (Samantha Grace) to her dungeon, but slave, scar (Scar 13) does not welcome the new submissive with open arms. See how the new slave is treated by scar in fantasy and reality before she is finally caught misbehaving. Includes tons of... More >>

A Dream Come True

A Dream Come True $34.95

Synopsis: Long time super fans of Isabella Sinclaire, Kate and Amy dream up a devious plan to get inside of The Ivy Manor. Having discovered their deception, Mistress Isabella complies to their wishes, only not as they anticipated. Stripped of their dignity and clothing, Isabella, dressed in... More >>

Amanda Wildefyre's Rubber Doll Factory

Amanda Wildefyre‘s Rubber Doll Factory $24.95

Synopsis: A young woman is very unsatisfied with the current state of her husband. Upon seeing an advertisement in a fetish magazine she decides to send him to Mistress Amanda Wildefyre's Rubber Doll Factory where he will undergo an amazing transformation.

This first... More >>

Amanda Wildefyre's Rubber Doll Factory 2

Amanda Wildefyre‘s Rubber Doll Factory 2 $24.95

Synopsis: In part one, you saw the delivery of the husband/slave into Mistress Amanda's wild laboratory of the bizarre. This time, there's even more. Watch the entire transformation of the male slave into a beautiful, latex-covered blonde bombshell. First, the Venus sucking machines. Three... More >>

Amanda Wildefyre's Rubber Nurse

Amanda Wildefyre‘s Rubber Nurse $24.95

Synopsis: Mistress Amanda at her finest, dressed entirely in stunning latex outfits. Very Euro style with hoods, even on the Mistress! Unique outfits including a vast collection of punishment hoods and equipment ever used. Hydraulic chair, latex straight jacket, ballet boots and extreme... More >>

Amanda Wildefyre's Rubber Ponies

Amanda Wildefyre‘s Rubber Ponies $24.95

Synopsis: Rubber slave is subjected to hours of training on the treadmill and suspended above the dungeon floor in full latex, boots and pony gear. When the indoor training is finished, Mistress Amanda decides it is time to go outdoors. They meet up at central park with Mistress Jean and her... More >>

Amanda Wildefyre's Rubber Ponies 2

Amanda Wildefyre‘s Rubber Ponies 2 $24.95

Synopsis: Picking up where the first installment of Rubber Ponies left off, part 2 features the most Bizarre Pony Auction ever shot and also features a Full Body Foam Encasement scene that is not to be missed!

Cast: Amanda Wildefyre

Director:... More >>

Amanda Wildefyre's Rubber Sex Slave

Amanda Wildefyre‘s Rubber Sex Slave $24.95

Synopsis: Amanda Wildefyre’s Rubber Slave series gets a new installment with RUBBER SEX SLAVE. Alyx, a female, sex crazed nymphomaniac, submits herself to Mistress Amanda Wildefyre for total rubber sex reconditioning. Dressed in rubber catsuit and corsets, she is placed in immobilizing latex... More >>

American Pinups 1

American Pinups 1 $24.95

Synopsis: Take a journey into the past and discover the exciting world of gorgeous dolls who love to TAKE IT OFF! There's something for everyone. Exotic Temptresses, Sexy Sailor Gals, Stunning Starlets and Pretty Pink Pillow Fights. There's even something for you Peeping Toms! These... More >>

American Pinups 2

American Pinups 2 $24.95

Synopsis: Our sexy and exotic journey continues with VOL. II of American Pinups. In this installment we bring you a Gorgeous Tiki Goddess, Sexy Farmer's Daughter, Sizzling Strip Poker, Flaming Hot Flamenco Dancer, Lonely Mistress of the Matador and a Cute Little Number who's late for a big... More >>

Ariels Reform

Ariels Reform $24.95

Synopsis: Ariel is a bad girl and has entered the house of Mistress Nicolette to be trained as a proper slave. Through torments, pleasures and pains, she will eventually achieve that goal. In the meantime, Mistress Nicolette has a few surprises for her new slave, including a contest that... More >>

Bizarre Latex Couple

Bizarre Latex Couple $24.95

Synopsis: Mistress Cheyenne, with her 'Girl-next-door' looks, applies her wicked ways of bondage and sensory deprivation to her partner, who is more than willing to obey. Her extensive use of the inflatable latex bodybag and hoods keeps him firmly under her control. He is then moved to the... More >>

Bondage Desires

Bondage Desires $24.95

Synopsis: Anna thought she was coming over for an evening of conversation....little did she know! After cutting off Anna's lingerie, Mistress Jacqueline places her 'friend' into a myriad of bondage predicaments. Tightly strapped to the bed, Anna has no recourse but to obey and receive the... More >>


Captive $34.95

Synopsis: Sarah (Mz Berlin) thought she was right on time for a job interview. But from the moment the door slams, she enters a world of bondage, torment and a terrifying interrogation for which she has no answers.

A dark tale of psychological torture and defiance, CAPTIVE... More >>

Catsuits Corsets and Hoods

Catsuits Corsets and Hoods $24.95

Synopsis: Watch as Dahlia struggles with Inescapable Bondage in numerous scenarios. She is encased in Rubber Hoods that Control her every Breath. Will she set herself free? Watch to find out.

Cast: Dahlia

Running Time:61 minutes
More >>

Crimson Mansion 1 Brianna Takes Control

Crimson Mansion 1 Brianna Takes Control $24.95

Synopsis: As a personal slave, Brianna is accustomed to being summoned to her Master's quarters. This time, it's different! Guy le Florio, the owner of an exclusive training facility for women, must leave for an extended period. He will see if all of his training pays off as Brianna takes... More >>

Crimson Mansion 3

Crimson Mansion 3 $24.95

Synopsis: Maria continues to disappoint Mistress Brianna and is confined to her ball cage when the Mistress enters the room. Maria is then subjected to a series of new training procedures, including Exotic Confinements, Spankings, Floggings, Ballet Boots, Corsets, Latex Hoods and more! Once... More >>

Crimson Mansion 4

Crimson Mansion 4 $24.95

Synopsis: Head Mistress Brianna has been out for a night on the town. Her slave, Cathy, was accompanying her on the trip. Apparently, something happened while they were out. Mistress Brianna arrived back at the Mansion with Cathy in tow. She seems very angry! What could have happened while... More >>

Date with Destiny

Date with Destiny $24.95

Synopsis: Beautiful Sarah is unsure of her feelings. She decides that she definitely wishes to be under the control of the stunning Mistress Rebecca. To be sure that Sarah will not walk away again, Mistress Rebecca imposes a strict set of rules. The plot gets even more intense as Sarah’s... More >>

Demonic Dreamer

Demonic Dreamer $24.95

Synopsis: Mistress Aradia sits in her regal throne, masturbating as she is fantasizing about one of her favorite slaves. Her slave, abby, then appears in a steel ball cage, dangling in front of the beautiful, latex-clad Mistress. After some taunting and teasing, the ball-gagged slave is... More >>

Diary of a Rubber Girl

Diary of a Rubber Girl $39.95

Synopsis: Follow this rubber slave girl throughout the day, as her Mistress leaves her in an array of predicament bondage scenarios. When not completely captive, she follows her Mistress' strict orders from cleaning to performing on camera. Hear her innermost thoughts as she narrates her day... More >>

Dolly Dreams

Dolly Dreams $24.95

Synopsis: Lolita is an executive that's not taken seriously by her peers. She has sought out the help of Miss Simone to be turned into a living doll. A long series of inescapable bondage and torment awaits her. Afterwards, she'll be the doll everyone always thought she was.
More >>

Double Impact

Double Impact $24.95

Synopsis: The first of our new FemDom series, Mistress Aradia-The Real Deal, is sure to bring a new level of excitement to the viewers. This statuesque, red-haired beauty brings a her own unique style of Dominance and submission into the dungeon setting. You'll not want to miss a minute of... More >>

Double Trouble

Double Trouble $24.95

Synopsis: An inflatable body bag is on the bondage table. Large electro-shock suction devices cover the breast areas. The hooded body within the bag writhes in pain. Runbber-clad beauty, Sasha Monet decides she'll have some fun with the captive. She crawls over the helpless soul. Teasing,... More >>

Dreaming of Ashley

Dreaming of Ashley $24.95

Synopsis: All Girl Fetish and Hardcore Sex! A day at a gorgeous gothic estate lets Sasha's mind wander to the one she longs for the most.

Dressed in a unique and luxurious latex outfit, Ashley takes her captive, if only by her presence. Joining in the fantasy are... More >>


Enclosure $24.95

Synopsis: Enclosure is the ultimate in slave torment and encapsulation. Watch as Mistress Aradia teaches discipline to her naughty slave girls in a variety of confining and vulnerable positions.

Cast: Mistress Aradia, Dana De Armond and Babydoll
More >>

Fetish Girls

Fetish Girls $24.95

Synopsis: A new All Girl Fetish Hardcore Series from GwenMedia. Starring newcomers Ashley Fires and Eve Elle.

With Fetish Girls we begin a new journey of Erotic Exploration. Opening the door to an Exotic and Glamorous world of Fetish and Sex. The first installment gets you... More >>

Fetish Girls 2

Fetish Girls 2 $24.95

Synopsis: Welcome to the world of glamorous pussy! Bella Starr and her sexy cohorts fuck themselves and one another into oblivion while showing you the sweetness of the inner pink.

Cast: Bella Starr, Taylor St. Claire and Jacklyn Lick.
More >>

Flesh Control

Flesh Control $24.95

Synopsis: Mistress Aradia is in control! Her slave is expecting an evening of seductive submission, but is instead greeted with an enormous amount of pain, suffering and breath control.

The slave is then treated to intense electro-stimuli and more difficult breath control... More >>

Ginger Bound

Ginger Bound $24.95

Synopsis: GwenMedia’s newest White Box release. Watch as Ginger, dressed in various latex outfits, is totally subdued while her size 40G breasts bound to their limits. Hoods, Latex Restraints, Gags and Rope Bondage.

Cast: Ginger Savage
More >>


Glitches $24.95

Synopsis: Where Fetish, Art and Music Collide in an Overwhelming Capacity!

Cast: Darenzia, Miss Conduct and Ariel X

Director:Jon White

Running Time:68 minutes

Released:07/2005 More >>

Heavy Rubber 1

Heavy Rubber 1 $24.95

Synopsis: Heavy Rubber #1 contains segments from some of the best GwenMedia movies ever made. Including, Rubber Starlets, Part Time, Ivy Manor 1, Rubber Nurse, Part Time 2 and Part Time 4! Also featuring Bonus Footage of Rubber Girl Kim Lee!

Heavy Rubber also features some... More >>

Heavy Rubber 2

Heavy Rubber 2 $24.95

Synopsis: Heavy Rubber #2 features scenes from some of GwenMedia's best movies. Including, Ivy Manor 2, Head Games, Emily-Solo and Sessions 6.

Cast: Isabella Sinclaire Anastasia Pierce Emily Marilyn Amanda Wildefyre Jean Bardot, Mistress Sandra
More >>

Isabellas Toy

Isabellas Toy $34.95

Synopsis: Isabella's slave "toy" is lost in world of latex and bondage. Teased, tormented and used for the gratification of fetish nymph, Ashley Renee, this journey is visual ecstasy set to an original erotic soundscape. Includes bondage, flogging, nipple and pussy torture, electrical play,... More >>

Ivy Manor 1 The Beginning

Ivy Manor 1 The Beginning $24.95

Synopsis: Part one of a ten part series, featuing Mistress Isabella Sinclaire and bondage model Jewell Marceau, takes us on a journey filled with slick latex, unique bondage and steamy adventures as they tour the Ivy Manor.

Re-released and re-authored with never before seen... More >>

Ivy Manor 3 Tropical Submission

Ivy Manor 3 Tropical Submission $24.95

Synopsis: With Jennifer deeply immersed in her own nightmare, Isabella ships her off to a tropical island where she experiences a new brand of domination. Long-term rubber bondage, wax, latex worship and pony training make Tropical Submission a dramatic addition to the Ivy Manor... More >>

Ivy Manor 4 Continuing Education

Ivy Manor 4 Continuing Education $24.95

Synopsis: Part 4 of the series returns Jennifer to the Manor, where she must endure a new set of torments from Mistress Isabella. And when she’s not being punished herself, she must help in some of the school’s most diabolical lessons!

Cast: Isabella Sinclaire, Jewel... More >>

Ivy Manor 5 Rubber Dreams

Ivy Manor 5 Rubber Dreams $34.95

Synopsis: While Jennifer (Jewell Marceau) is helplessly encased in rubber, Ivy Manor slave Amy (January Seraph) can't help but use her for her own pleasure... until Mistress Isabella catches her in the act and gives her the pleasure she so much desires.

Cast: Isabella... More >>

Ivy Manor Slaves 3 Part 1

Ivy Manor Slaves 3 Part 1 $34.95

Synopsis: "A whipping fetishist's delight" In this third story of the AVN Nominated series, Mistress Isabella has an opening at The Ivy Manor for a new personal slave. Five submissives (January Seraph, Mina Meow, Natalie Minx, Sabrina Fox & Karrlie Dawn) are chosen to compete for the... More >>

Ivy Manor Slaves 3: The Dream Team Pt. 2

Ivy Manor Slaves 3: The Dream Team Pt. 2 $34.95

The AVN Award Nominated story of the Dream Team continues in the third installment of the Ivy Manor Slaves series. Part 2 finds Isabella Sinclaire and her 5 eager to be personal slaves in the middle of a fierce competition for this much sought after position. From... More >>

Jewell Abducted

Jewell Abducted $24.95

Synopsis: Jewell was minding her own business when a hooded man abducts her and carries her in a sack to his lair. She is subjected to various forms of Bondage and Torment, including Spankings, Nipple Torture, Gags, and Rubber Confinement. Will Jewell escape? Does she want to? You must watch... More >>

Latex Dominatrix

Latex Dominatrix $24.95

Synopsis: Mistress Jean meets Mistress Sandra in Vienna. After a wonderful afternoon touring the city in a horse-drawn carriage (in Latex, of course), the two get down to business. The helpless latex covered slave is at their mercy, but, they suddenly turn their attention to the tall, slim... More >>

Lights Out

Lights Out $34.95

Synopsis: A new submissive (Ariel X) is brought into Mistress Aiden’s chateau along with her current slave, Madison. Together, they entertain and satisfy their Mistress’ sadistic hunger. But when the lights go out, these two submissives develop a deep connection which leads to a forbidden... More >>

Mind Control 2

Mind Control 2 $24.95

Synopsis: Anastasia finds a new patient in Michelle Lay and wastes no time in exploring more than just her mind. Perversion and pain reign supreme in this twisted tale of sexual mayhem!

Cast: Anastasia Pierce and Michelle Lay

Director: Bob Zak, ... More >>

Mind Control 3

Mind Control 3 $24.95

Synopsis: The third installment of Mind Control brings Natali Demore into the office of Anastasia Pierce. Natali has issues and addictions and Anastasia shows her what a little torment can do to cure them.

Cast: Anastasia Pierce and Natalie Demore
More >>

Mind Control 4

Mind Control 4 $34.95

Synopsis: Gwenmedia, in association with Anastasia Pierce Productions, announces the continuation of one of it's most popular series with the release of Mind Control 4.

In this episode, Anastasia Pierce is exploring the mind of new patient, Arachnia Webb. Arachnia is a... More >>

Mistress Calling

Mistress Calling $24.95

Synopsis: Victoria is home alone when she gets a call from Mistress Cheyenne. Mistress Cheyenne puts slave Victoria through a rigorous phone training session. She is instructed to torment her own genitals and nipples, and then to give herself a sound spanking before she is allowed to have... More >>

My Personal Slave

My Personal Slave $24.95

Synopsis: Justine is gorgeous, submissive and awaiting your next command!

Gwen Media puts the viewer in control. Shot from the dominant P.O.V., Justine will show you what a good slave girl she can be. You must choose what happens and when. In the end it is up to the viewer... More >>

Nicole Sheridans Domination Diaries 2

Nicole Sheridans Domination Diaries 2 $24.95

Synopsis: This one picks up where the last left off. Nicole has her slaves pick up the lovely Mandi Slade once more for a series of training sessions. While they are doing so, slave Darby doesn't seem to be adapting to dildo worship. Nicole decides that she needs further training in this... More >>

Nicole Sheridans Domination Diaries 3

Nicole Sheridans Domination Diaries 3 $24.95

Synopsis: Kim is such a naughty girl. Her inability to do as she was told has resulted in an unstoppable landslide of intense torture for her and the other slaves. No one is spared Pain or Torment as Nicole Sheridan unleashes fierce Power and Dominance.

With each new... More >>


Outpatient $24.95

Synopsis: Where is she? Why is she in this slime filled tube? Why is she being held captive? These are all questions running through the mind of the innocent submissive.

After securing her with layers of saran wrap, Mistress Aradia and her nurse assistant, Racquel, start... More >>

Pain B4 Pleasure

Pain B4 Pleasure $24.95

Synopsis: These naughty slaves are about to find out that pleasure comes with a very high price. Mistress Aradia is in control and pain is the order of the day.

Cast: Mistress Aradia, Little Rubber Annie and Dana DeArmond

Director: Robert... More >>

Painful Pleasures

Painful Pleasures $24.95

Synopsis: Clippers are buzzing, removing hair from the submissive slave's body. Next, the depilatory cream is applied. What will happen next, one can only guess. Lady Cheyenne, sitting in her throne, is attempting to train a loving housewife in the art of foot worship. In the corner is a... More >>

Part Time 2

Part Time 2 $24.95

Synopsis: Corey (played by bondage beauty Emily Marilyn) falls deeper and deeper into a world of dominance and submission as the lure of money brings her more and more bizarre experiences. And when offered more money that she can imagine to re-visit her first Master, she learns that what... More >>

Part Time 4 Pleasure Maids

Part Time 4 Pleasure Maids $24.95

Synopsis: The fourth installment of the Part Time series features Mistress Jacqueline DeMonde as the new 'owner' of two of the agency's best. When their lack of discipline is evident, Jacqueline takes things into her own hands. Girl/Girl action, Dildo action, Horizontal suspension in latex... More >>

Part Time 5 The Competition

Part Time 5 The Competition $24.95

Synopsis: The girls are bored! They want something to do, so they are put to the test. Who is truly the more dominant of the two? A series of extreme restraint and punishment scene will supply the answer. Mandi Slade puts Anastasia through her own brand of punishment, including bondage and... More >>

Part Time 6 The Initiation

Part Time 6 The Initiation $24.95

Synopsis: Mistress Nicolette must put Anastasia through the paces before passing her on to the next level of training. Slave girl Anastasia endures heavy bondage and harsh torments before being left in a compromising position for an extended period of time.

Cast:... More >>

Purging Protocol

Purging Protocol $24.95

Synopsis:Bondage knows no boundaries as both mistress and slave end up in restrictive predicaments.

Cast: Paige Richards, Madison Young, Mary Jane and Victoria Lane

Director: Julie Simone

Running Time: 64 minutesMore >>

Rubber Klinik 1

Rubber Klinik 1 $24.95

Synopsis: An unsuspecting Lab assistant is caught off gaurd as two cunning, yet playful beauties, break into the Klinik and render her completely helpless. The more dominant of the two, Mistress Jean, puts the helpless captive and her own sidekick through various torments in some of the most... More >>

Rubber Klinik 2

Rubber Klinik 2 $24.95

Synopsis: This playful trio get even more involved in the second installment of Rubber Klinik.Gail slips into an inflatable sleepsack then is strapped to a rotating table while Mistress Jean takes Sheila off for more fun.

Gail and Sheila crawl to get a drink from a doggie... More >>

Rubber Mistress

Rubber Mistress $24.95

Synopsis: The beautiful, rubber-clad Mistress catches her lowly male rubber slave touching Her precious toys while left alone in the dungeon. The punishment is swift and appropriate! Head to toe latex action. Ballet boots, suspension, inflatable body bag and plenty of unique hoods (including... More >>

Rubber Slaves Tropical Fantasies

Rubber Slaves Tropical Fantasies $24.95

Synopsis: What's a poor little slave to do while her Mistress is away? This little latex maid definitely has some ideas. She just can't seem to keep her hands off the new captive, held high above her head in the round, steel cage. Plenty of steamy latex action!

Cast:... More >>

Rubber Starlets

Rubber Starlets $24.95

Synopsis: Three girls. One Dominant, the others young, sweet, inexperienced in BDSM and.....submissive! Watch, as Mistress Jean turns them into her little playthings. Sultry Anastasia is dressed in sexy, rose-colored latex lingerie and made to pose and perform. Then, enter the novice! She is... More >>

Rubberella 3 The Facility

Rubberella 3 The Facility $24.95

Synopsis: This is GwenMedia's first Interactive DVD! In select scenes you choose what happens to the poor captives.

Rubberella is at it again! Bizarre training methods are used on her personal pet, latex slut.She is secured to the work station while working. Her inability... More >>

Rubberella's Day Spa

Rubberella‘s Day Spa $24.95

Synopsis: Rubberella brings new meaning to the body wrap at her very exclusive day spa. When an unsuspecting client comes in for a routine treatment, they often end up getting more than they bargained for.

Cast: Jean Bardot as Rubberella, Anna Mills and Alsana... More >>

Sessions 10

Sessions 10 $24.95

Synopsis: Mistress Marina has grown tired of Vanessa boasting about what a good slave she is. She decides it's time to see if Vanessa can live up to her words. Vanessa is subjected to Severe Spankings with Crops, Floggers, Canes and Paddles, then Bound to a sturdy wooden rack for more... More >>

Sessions 11

Sessions 11 $24.95

Synopsis: Beautiful, Big-Breasted Evolin Pierce takes sensual domination to a strict new level in this 11th edition of the GwenMedia Sessions Series. Anastasia, dressed in a backless latex dress that exposes her most sensitive area, is brought in to receive her punishment. After a sever... More >>

Sessions 12

Sessions 12 $24.95

Synopsis: Lexa Lane on a visit from Germany, encounters the sadistic princess of pain, Mistress Nicolette. The session taks place on the Gyno Chair and other pieces of her equipment located within the walls of the medical chamber. She is held tightly to the chair with cuffs and locks, as... More >>

Sessions 13

Sessions 13 $24.95

Synopsis: Slave girl Paige is put through the paces in a variety of extreme confinements by Mistress Aradia.

Cast: Mistress Aradia and Paige Richards

Running Time: 55 minutes More >>

Sessions 14

Sessions 14 $24.95

Synopsis: Filmed in Real Time. No scripts, No acting and No mercy!

Mistress Julie Simone loves to smoke and she doesn't care that Her submissive, Krissy, can't handle smoke very well, especially with an ashtray gag in her mouth. In this 14th edition of the Sessions Series,... More >>

Sessions 15 Vima & Kade

Sessions 15 Vima & Kade $34.95

Spanning multiple fetishes, including medical, latex, and electrical, Sessions 15: Vima & Kade has something to whet even the most voracious of kinky appetites. A real-time punishment session featuring Vima subjecting slave Kade to the pleasures and pains of her well-stocked dungeon,... More >>

Sessions 3

Sessions 3 $24.95

Synopsis: Mistress Sonya and Inga Filmed at the Den of Iniquity, New York City… Inga has been bad. She's been caught 'playing' with another Mistress. She's put through every punishment imaginable by the latex clad Mistress Sonya, to pay for her indiscretions. Wax play, rope bondage, violet... More >>

Sessions 4

Sessions 4 $24.95

Synopsis: Submissive, Anna Mills has done something that has upset her Mistress. She's become trapped and finds herself confined to the cold steel of the Mistress's tortuous dungeon chair. Escape and reprieve are futile as Mistress Nicolette delivers the necessary punishments to be... More >>

Sessions 5

Sessions 5 $24.95

Synopsis: Paige is about to be really dominated for the first time, and Goddess Sativa wastes not a moment inflicting torments that she will never forget. Watch as Paige endures Rubber Hoods, the Vacuum Bed, Clothes Pins, Genital Torture, Straight Jackets and much more!
More >>

Sessions 6

Sessions 6 $24.95

Synopsis: A tantalizingly sexual romp into the world of euro-style latex fetishism. The naughty Mistress Sandra has her lab assistant Anastasia at her mercy in this sixth installment of the GwenMedia Sessions line. See Mistress Sandra perform several "lab tests" on her helpless... More >>

Sessions 7

Sessions 7 $24.95

Synopsis: Slave Cheryl is put to the test. Mistress Nicolette trains her to be the perfect little puppy slave. Her commands are fortified with the use of several types of disciplinary techniques, including riding crop, paddle, clothespins and electro-shock. The caged, gagged and drooling... More >>

Sessions 8

Sessions 8 $24.95

Synopsis: Mistress Sonya takes her submissive, to new heights of sensual awareness. Helplessly bound to an antique dental chair, Magdelyn is submitted to various forms of punishment. Electro-shock therapy and flogging are the order of the day. However, Magdelyn is subjected to a more... More >>

Sessions 9

Sessions 9 $24.95

Synopsis: Mistress Jacqueline introduces Anna to the rigors of Mummification and Sensory Deprivation. Anna endures the tumultuous Torments of the impending Bondage, learning that Control and the simplicities of Breathing are at the hands of her Mistress.

Cast:... More >>

Submissive Desires

Submissive Desires $24.95

Synopsis: Two blonde vixens are taught to explore their darker, kinkier side as their raven-haired Mistress takes control.

When instructed to dress in their finest lingerie and corsetry, it seems that beautiful Mistress Morgan wanted more from her slaves. Once their task is... More >>

The Asylum

The Asylum $24.95

Synopsis: Mind control experiments are keeping Anastasia trapped in a world where everything is not as it seems. She is held captive in a coma-like state, totally under the control of the evil doctor Darenzia and her nurse assistant, Eve Ellis. The action moves from the reality of the... More >>

The Betrayal

The Betrayal $24.95

Synopsis: Things are not always as they seem. Mistress Monica (Berlin) brings her slave, Lil' Anne (Petra), to Mistress Isabella to correct her recent behavioral problems. During her training process, Lil' Anne confesses to Isabella the real reason she's there. Watch as Mistress Monica is... More >>

The Perils of Gwen Part 1

The Perils of Gwen Part 1 $24.95

Synopsis: Part one of this continuing series finds our little blonde submissive, Gwen, all alone in a hotel room with nothing to do.

She decides that she will try an escort service to spice up her evening a bit. She doesn't realize what's in store! Suddenly, there's a knock... More >>

The Perils of Gwen Part 2

The Perils of Gwen Part 2 $24.95

Synopsis: A gorgeous and dominant woman spends a weekend in a lavish hotel suite with her two maids. Unfortunately, the maids perform poorly at every task and must endure rigorous training at the hands of the Mistress. After a quick lunch that involves eating while in bondage, the maids... More >>

The Portal

The Portal $34.95

Synopsis: When a jerk boyfriend attempts to make plans with another woman, he finds himself being transformed into a rubber doll in an unfamiliar world he accessed through... The Portal.

Includes Heavy Rubber, Bondage, Spanking, Electrical Play, Nipple Torture, Breath Play,... More >>

The Portal 2 Latex Pets In Training

The Portal 2 Latex Pets In Training $34.95

Synopsis: A small argument transcends a dominating boyfriend into Isabella Sinclaire’s Ivy Manor. There he is forced into submission by two of Isabella’s nymph slave girls, then by Isabella Herself, all in a world he accessed through... THE PORTAL 2 - Latex Pets in Training.
More >>

The Portal 3 Steffys Rubber Adventure

The Portal 3 Steffys Rubber Adventure $34.95

Synopsis: A traveling salesman’s mundane life is given a stir by the hand of Isabella Sinclaire and Her slave, January, in this colorful Rubber Doll adventure featuring Steffy. Watch as she is transformed and receives all of the pleasures she’s been dreaming of, all in a world accessed... More >>

Trapped in Latex

Trapped in Latex $24.95

Synopsis: Mistress Jacqueline's slave is under her complete control! He is held completely immobile inside an inflatable body bag. Strapped securely to the bondage table, he can't move a muscle. He whimpers as she applies the electro-stimulation to his exposed body parts. When... More >>

Trapped in Latex 2

Trapped in Latex 2 $24.95

Synopsis: The hapless slave is encapsulated even further in this second installment. Suspended from an Inflatable Body Bag, he is nothing more than a Play Toy for the two Doms. Then he is taken down and Laced into Restrictive Ballet Boots and succumbs to Genital Torments and the Violet... More >>

VR (Virtual Reality)

VR (Virtual Reality) $24.95

Synopsis: Trapped in a Bizarre World of Fetish and Domination: A day of shopping turns out to be more than expected when several unsuspecting girls find themselves trapped in a bizarre latex world with no visible means of escape. Vacuum Bed - Bondage - Hoods - Latex,Latex,Latex!
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Web Slaves

Web Slaves $24.95

Synopsis: The cruel Mistress Jean uses her dungeon slaves solely for their profitability factor. That is, they're used for content pictures for the Mistress's highly profitable website. Why is it profitable? The slaves only get paid with punishment and torment! Hot and Steamy Latex Action... More >>