Fun Factory Vibrators

Fun Factory Stronic Drei

Fun Factory Stronic Drei $199.99 | SALE: $149.99

Fun Factory is a company known for pushing the envelope and their Stronic line is certainly no exception.

Made of smooth, medical grade silicone and featuring a deeply ribbed shaft for intense stimulation, the Drei also comes equipped with a flared base, making it perfectly suitable... More >>

Fun Factory Stronic Eins

Fun Factory Stronic Eins $199.99 | SALE: $149.99

If you're tired of the same old vibrator, Fun Factory has unleashed its newest style of toy, dubbed a "Pulsator."

The Stronic Eins is another innovative leap in vibrator technology from the folks at Fun Factory. Instead of the traditional buzzing vibration associated with classic... More >>

Fun Factory Stronic Zwei

Fun Factory Stronic Zwei $199.99 | SALE: $149.99

The Fun Factory Stronic Zwei is an exciting new silicone 'pulsator' with 10 different rhythmic pulsating settings that is specifically designed for anal stimulation. The Stronic Zwei vibrating sex toy also sports a very practical hilt safety handle with a flared base and it’s very quiet and easy to... More >>

Fun Factory G4 Elegance Vibrator

Fun Factory G4 Elegance Vibrator $129.99 | SALE: $97.49

This vibrator is elegant, stylish and effective. Pure and sophisticated in design, the ELEGANCE invites you to hours of experimenting. Thanks to its tapered end, this toy unerringly guides intense vibrations to your passionate "hot spots". This elegant companion comes with G4 control... More >>

Fun Factory G4 Calla Vibrator

Fun Factory G4 Calla Vibrator $129.99 | SALE: $97.49

This vibrator is as stylish and elegant as a lily blossom. Its unique, unmistakable shape will catch the eye of those who want something truly striking.

This toy enchants with beauty and functionality. The tapered point unerringly finds your hot spot, while the flower whorl brings... More >>

Fun Factory G4 Tiger Vibrator

Fun Factory G4 Tiger Vibrator $129.99 | SALE: $97.49

The Tiger is an alluring tomcat no woman can refuse. Its prominent ridging and bent tip give intense massages and quickly find every G-spot.

The turbo booster gives our G4s additional power, allowing the Tiger to purr in top form. Connoisseurs will love this big guy's... More >>

Fun Factory Spring Minivibe

Fun Factory Spring Minivibe $74.90 | SALE: $56.14

Quiet, powerful and pretty - The Spring Minivibe, made by Fun Factory, is decorated with hibiscus flowers on its 100% silicone shaft. It has 3 adjustable speeds to choose and switch around from, to keep things exciting. Best of all, it is waterproof, which means extra bath time fun!
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Fun Factory Bubbles MiniVibe

Fun Factory Bubbles MiniVibe $84.99 | SALE: $63.74

It’s adorably cute, and erotically powerful… it’s the Fun Factory Bubbles vibrator!

This sexy little silicone vibrator has 4 rounded segments and 5 adjustable speeds ranging from gentle massage to relentless pleasure. It also has 3 different vibration programs. The Bubbles is a quiet but... More >>

Fun Factory

Fun Factory "Yooo" Rechargeable Dual Motor Vibrator $99.99 | SALE: $74.99

This uber-stylish, rechargeable cordless vibrator from Fun Factory is extraordinary in both form and function. Unlike most vibrators, the Yooo has two motors – one inside each of the two rounded ends connected by the handle with the controls. The vibrations of the dual motors are strong, but... More >>

Fun Factory Little Dolly Minivibe

Fun Factory Little Dolly Minivibe $49.99 | SALE: $37.49

This cute little dolphin-shaped vibrator, made by Fun Factory, has a strategically-placed beak just at the tip to give you a little kiss just where you need it most! Ideal for G-Spot stimulation, Little Dolly is quiet, yet powerful and adjustable to suit your needs - there are 3 speeds to choose... More >>

Fun Factory Meany Minivibe

Fun Factory Meany Minivibe $49.99 | SALE: $37.49

This powerful, quiet vibrator has 3 adjustable speeds to choose from. Switch back and forth to keep things exciting, Meany Minivibe doesn’t mind at all! Its shaft is decorated with wings that come to a soft snubbed point and is made of 100% silicone. The Meany is also waterproof, which means bath... More >>

Fun Factory Angelo Minivibe

Fun Factory Angelo Minivibe $84.99 | SALE: $63.74

Angelic, quiet, and powerful - the Angelo Minivibe, made by Fun Factory, is decorated with wings on its 100% silicone shaft to get you just a little bit closer to heaven. In addition to having a slightly curved tip, it has 3 adjustable speeds to choose and switch around from, to keep things... More >>

Fun Factory Tango

Fun Factory Tango $79.99 | SALE: $59.99

Fun Factory's Tango Vibrator has a unique 'booster' feature which allows, with a simple touch of a button, to get a turbo charge just when it's needed. The Tango is made of 100% hypoallergenic silicone and feels velvety soft to the touch. The flexible shaft and added clitoral stimulator is... More >>

Fun Factory Delight

Fun Factory Delight $109.99 | SALE: $82.49

Fun Factory has done it again with another beautifully designed product made to suit the curves of your body. The ergonomically curved handle fits perfectly in your hand and guides the Delight directly to your most erogenous areas. With 32 speed options you will for sure find a setting just for... More >>

Fun Factory elLove

Fun Factory elLove $0.00 - $80.00

The elLove Smartvibes Booster vibrator is beautifully crafted for visual and sensory pleasure. Its curved head stimulates the G spot brilliantly. Made of medical grade silicone, the flexible shaft is silky smooth to the touch. The Booster, with its chic design, delivers quite powerfully with easy... More >>

Fun Factory Patchy Paul III Vibrator

Fun Factory Patchy Paul III Vibrator $72.99 | SALE: $54.74

The Patchy Paul vibrator is splash-proof (great for showers but not immersible). This powerful yet quiet Patchy Paul III vibe has fast become the preferred G-spotter of many satisfied women.

The toy's ergonomic control unit optimally adapts to fit the palm of your hand, and the... More >>

Fun Factory Laya Spot Vibe

Fun Factory Laya Spot Vibe $49.99 | SALE: $37.49

The LayaSpot Vibrator is a uniquely shaped, ergonomically-designed silicone vibrator that looks great and works a little bit differently than strictly insertable vibes. This small vibrator (about the size of a computer mouse) fits very nicely in the hand and cradles perfectly in the contours of a... More >>

Fun Factory Duke

Fun Factory Duke $99.99 | SALE: $74.99

German design firm Fun Factory® is renowned for their ergonomic sex toys in high-quality materials, and “The Duke” – a rechargeable, cordless anal vibrator that stimulates both the prostate and perineum – is no exception. The unique shape combines an upper bulge that hits your P-spot with a curved... More >>

Fun Factory Amorino Vibrator

Fun Factory Amorino Vibrator $99.99 | SALE: $74.99

One of our most requested products makes its proud return…please welcome back Amorino.

You're going to forget all about your other toys when you use this innovation in vibrating and stimulating technology. When you turn the toy on, the yellow silicone band stretched between the tip... More >>