Fun Factory Stronic Zwei (E500)

Fun Factory Stronic Zwei

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The Fun Factory Stronic Zwei is an exciting new silicone vibrator with 10 different rhythmic pulsating settings that is specifically designed for anal stimulation. The Stronic Zwei vibrating sex toy also sports a very practical hilt safety handle with a flared base and it’s very quiet and easy to use, alone or with a playmate. Instead of the standard style vibration associated with this kind of toy, the Stronic Zwei actually thrusts, utilizing a more organic rhythm that’s perfect for anal play.

This is a really great piece of colorful, playful, sexual silicone technology that’s ideal for foreplay, sex games, and other adventures, both anal and vaginal. The thrusting and pulsating rhythm settings range from gentle and soft, to hard and rough, and everything in between.

The Fun Factory Stronic Zwei vibrator is easy to clean, rechargeable, waterproof, and constructed from top quality, phthalate-free, medical grade silicone. The handy magnetic recharging unit is included.

Product Details

  • Insertable Length: 4.5 in (11cm)

  • Radius (at largest): 1.9 in (4.8cm)

  • Circumference (at largest): 15.7 in (39.9cm)

  • Total Length: 9 in (22.5cm)

Safety, Care and Usage

This vibrating sex toy is very simple to clean using just antibacterial soap and warm water. This product must be cleaned after each use, and always remember to play safely.

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