Fun Factory Dildos and Insertables

Fun Factory Amor Dildo

Fun Factory Amor Dildo $39.99 | SALE: $29.99

The Fun Factory Amor Dildo is a cute and sexy silicone dildo with a tactile surface that is fun to touch, and a specially designed curve shape on the cock tip. When inserted vaginally, the special curvature will stimulate the G spot. When inserted anally, this specially designed, curved tip will... More >>

Fun Factory Stubs Magnum Dildo

Fun Factory Stubs Magnum Dildo $59.99 | SALE: $44.99

Whether it’s used in a strap on harness or alone, our sleek silicone Stubs dildo is ready to get down and dirty! The smooth shaft has a slight upward curve, so it’s perfectly positioned to stimulate the g-spot or prostate. Made of skin-safe, velvety medical grade silicone, this strong but sensual... More >>

Fun Factory Smartballs Duo

Fun Factory Smartballs Duo $29.99 | SALE: $22.49

Fun Factory has created a kegel exerciser with their unique Smartballs Duo. The medical grade 100% silicone cord and coating are supple to the touch, with raised hypoallergenic plastic ridges to provide extra sensation.

Smartballs, when inserted vaginally, help to strengthen and tone... More >>

Fun Factory Curve

Fun Factory Curve $74.99 | SALE: $56.24

The Curve is a special dildo, indeed. Its extraordinary shape is perfect for both men and women to reach that “special spot” with style! The curled handle allows for a firm grip, and it’s made with 100% silicone so it’s flexible without losing stability.

This is one of a wide range... More >>

Fun Factory Tiger Dildo

Fun Factory Tiger Dildo $59.99 | SALE: $44.99

Designed to bring out the wild animal in you! Fun Factory’s Tiger is a sleek dildo with the sensual, velvety soft texture of 100% medical grade silicone. Named for the unique raised stripes that spiral around it to make you purr, the Tiger has a curved shaft that optimizes your g-spot or prostate... More >>

Fun Factory Bloomy

Fun Factory Bloomy  $39.99 | SALE: $22.49

Fun Factory's Bloomy was designed for versatility. This non gender specific toy's unique shape can be used anally, as a prostate massager, Kegel exerciser or as the perfect vaginal dildo, allowing for simultaneous clitoral stimulation. With its sleek and pleasing look the Bloomy allows you to be as... More >>

Fun Factory Bendy Beads

Fun Factory Bendy Beads $34.99 | SALE: $26.24

Fun Factory’s Bendy Beads is a highly flexible silicone toy for both men and women. The beautiful matte finish has a suede quality that feels wonderful against the skin. The curvilinear handle creates confidence for easy insertion and removal whether playing alone or with a partner (or two!). The... More >>

Fun Factory Teneo Uno Smartballs

Fun Factory Teneo Uno Smartballs $24.99 | SALE: $18.74

Fun Factory has redesigned the kegel exerciser with the Smartballs Teneo Uno. This 100% medical grade silicone ball is supple to the touch with an attractive raised pattern for heightened sensitivity.

The Smartball helps to strengthen and tone the pelvic floor muscles, increasing... More >>