Fun Factory Bloomy (D464)

Fun Factory Bloomy

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Fun Factory's Bloomy was designed for versatility. This non gender specific toy's unique shape can be used anally, as a prostate massager, Kegel exerciser or as the perfect vaginal dildo, allowing for simultaneous clitoral stimulation. With its sleek and pleasing look the Bloomy allows you to be as creative as you desire in the bedroom. Made from medical grade silicone it's extremely pleasant to the touch, feeling velvety soft with ample flexibility. The Bloomy's handy finger loop provides confidence when maneuvering the toy both during insertion and removal. This toy is a perfect addition to any sex toy box for novices to sexperts.

Product Details:

 • Overall Length: 5.5in (14cm)

 • Insertable Length: 4in (10.2cm)

 • Circumference at the tip: 3.5in (9cm)

 • Circumference at the widest point: 4.25in (10.8cm)

 • Weight: 0.03 lb (3.6 oz)

Safety, Care & Usage

Made from non porous medical grade silicone, latex and phthalate free, hypo allergenic, odorless.

With all toys, thoroughly wash with warm water and non abrasive soap after use. Also able to be boiled (5-10 minutes).

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