French Military Gas Mask (E290)

French Military Gas Mask

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In the bunker or the bedroom, this amazing French military gas mask is perfect for whatever twisted scenario you can come up with. We're here to help, not to judge!

These heavy duty rubber gas masks are a delight for rubber fetishists or military interrogations and role play.

Each mask comes with a front mounting detachable filter – hermetically sealed in a plastic shell – for that ultimate human fly look, and its own canvas satchel for easy storage and travel. The mask attaches with six adjustable elastic straps which create a firm webbing, secured by a metal clasp that holds it tight to your face. It also has a canvas neck strap so you can let it dangle hands free during an especially personal melee encounter. Recreate the Maginot Line or vive a little resistance with this handsome brown genuine army artifact!

Product Details:

 • Made of rubber with plastic eyeholes and composite metal filter, and canvas straps

 • Adjustable straps – One size fits most

 • Recommended as novelty only

 • Weight: 2.15lb (34.4oz)

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