Foreskin Cylinder (C972)

Foreskin Cylinder
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Not for the newbie!

If you want to stretch out your foreskin, this should do the trick. Take the foreskin and wrap it around the ball. Slide the foreskin into the cylinder. The ball will meet the rim of the cylinder, thereby isolating the foreskin in the tube (in other words, the ball is larger than the tube). Begin pumping. Elongated foreskin is on the horizon. Even the manufacturer warns of discomfort, pain etc. But we know that you know what you like, and if you’re looking for a pump that can provide some CBT perks, then this may be the cylinder for you. At the risk of being repetitive, let us say once again: experienced players only. Pump sold separately.

Try it with Precision Pump Lube to maximize your results!

Circumference of Ball: 4 inches
Circumference of Cylinder Interior: Appx. 3.5 inches
Length of Cylinder Interior: Appx. 4.5 inches

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