Five Joint Urethral Plug (E980)

Five Joint Urethral Plug

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Gentlemen, prepare yourselves for a bold new frontier in urethral souding play!

The thrills and chills of urethral stimulation are yours to explore when you get your hands on this sleek penis plug. It is made entirely of stainless steel, adding to the excitement of the sensation as it warms starts cool and gradually warms from the heat inside your cock.

The tip is gently rounded to prevent any unpleasantness during insertion, while the shaft is made up of five joints of increasing width so that you can take things as far as you're able to handle. When you're ready for a break and need to remove the plug, pull slowly on the attached retrieval ring and clean up before your next use. With a toy of this caliber, be sure to be safe and use PLENTY of lube!

Product Details:



Joint widths:






Safety, Care, and Usage:

This toy is recommended only for those experienced with CBT and sounding. Do not sleep in this or any other sounding device. Clean using alcohol and warm water after each use, and allow to completely air dry before storage, or use. For insertion, we Recommend use with Surgical Lube.

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