E-Stim Adapters & Leads

Pin Wire to Low Profile Lead Adapters

Pin Wire to Low Profile Lead Adapters $14.95

This connector allows you to use your PES electrodes with any TENS unit that uses a pin lead, such as the Rimba Electro Powerbox Stimulator Set with the security and peace of mind that come from the PES commitment to high quality craftsmanship.
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Snapper Adapter

Snapper Adapter $17.00

The snapper adapter converts any device having a standard 4mm banana jack into a low-profile snap connection.

It can be used to adapt Folsom Electric buttplugs, cockrings, catheters, etc. to snap leadwires offered by other manufacturers.

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Pins-to-Bananas Adapter Plugs

Pins-to-Bananas Adapter Plugs $14.00

These plugs convert one or more of your TENS or EMS unit's leadwires to the standard banana plugs used by most electrical stimulation products. Converts from Female 0.080" pin to Male 4mm banana pin.

Sold in pairs.

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Bananas-to-Pins Adapter Plugs

Bananas-to-Pins Adapter Plugs $14.00

These adapter plugs allow connection of standard leadwires having 4mm banana plugs to any TENS or EMS electrodes with 0.080" pin receptacles, including disposable gel and reusable carbon electrode pads.

Sold in pairs.

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Electrode Pad Lead Wire Set

Electrode Pad Lead Wire Set $22.00

These are lead wires designed for use with a Folsom Signal generator. They attach to standard adhesive electrode pads. ... More >>

Y Adapter for PSG

Y Adapter for PSG $19.00

This adapter wire will enable you to split one side of your electrical circuit into two, so you can use more than two points of contact on a single channel. The main purpose for the Y-adapter is to permit you to use the dual-electrode attachments (plugs, cock rings, etc.) as single... More >>

Bipolar Clip Electrodes

Bipolar Clip Electrodes $96.00

A pair of clips which plug directly into the Folsom and ErosTek power units.

Each clip is a complete 2-electrode circuit, with one electrode on each side of the clip. Both clips can be used with the Folsom or ErosTek boxes, using both of the two channels.

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Microplug to Miniplug Adaptor

Microplug to Miniplug Adaptor $3.75

The Microplug to Miniplug Adaptor turns an 0.080" pin connection into a banana plug for units with 4mm receptacles.

*This item is needed to make all Rimba accessories compatible with the Erostek and Folsom... More >>

Rimba Adapter Wire

Rimba Adapter Wire $7.50

This Rimba Adapter Wire is a replacement part for use with the Rimba Electro Powerbox Stimulator Set. It will only work between the Rimba Powerbox and Rimba Accessories. It is not compatible with Folsom or ErosTek... More >>

PES Low Profile Leads

PES Low Profile Leads $22.00

The Low Profile technology of PES has taken Erotic Electro Stimulation to new heights of comfort and mobility. The Pinch Lead is a low profile, lightweight attachment that is compatible with all PES products, and makes hooking up to any PES electrode as simple as "Pinch and Snap," so that your... More >>

PES-Umbilical Cord

PES-Umbilical Cord $70.00

Here is a handy product that helps solve the problem of dealing with messy, tangled wires; the Umbilical Cord utilizes two pairs of Low Profile Leads and sheaths them in neoprene tubing. This tubing eliminates the annoyance of loose wires hanging between yourself and your power box.

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Banana Snap Adapter

Banana Snap Adapter $16.00

A sturdy, molded connector with a snap socket on one end and a banana receptacle on the other adapts any device having snap stud connections (including PES ElectroFlex devices) to standard banana plug lead wires.

Sold in pairs.

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Mystim Extra-Strong Wires

Mystim Extra-Strong Wires $19.99

Mystim's Extra Strong-Wires are two braided wires for use with both self-adhesive and silicone electrodes.


  • Length 63in (160cm)

Safety, Care and Usage

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AC Adapter for P.E.S. Power Box

AC Adapter for P.E.S. Power Box $19.50

The AC Adapter for the P.E.S. Power Box is a conveniently small black adapter that goes great with your Electro Stimulation box.

Erotic Electro Stimulation interacts directly with nerve endings instead of the limited surface stimulation of mechanical vibrators. After reaching a good... More >>