Don‘t You Like Heels? (E353)

Don‘t You Like Heels?

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Starring: Jewell Marceau, Darling

Darling is always interrupting Jewell’s work at the office with her shoe dangling and footsy play. Jewell decides to put a stop to it once and for all by stealing Darling’s shoe so se can secretly smell Darling’s delicious foot scent. Darling masturbates to the idea of Jewell Marceau getting hot for her heels and soon goes after Jewell with her prized strap-on right there in the office! Watch Jewell and Darling as they worship each other nylon legs and feet and then rip open their pantyhose to gain access to the real prize!

Includes: Foot fetish, pantyhose fetish, masturbation, g/g, strap-ons

Running Time: 41min

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