Deluxe Padded Medical Restraints Set (J514)

Deluxe Padded Medical Restraints Set
Collar Size:

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It's finally here: Your complete set of deluxe medical restraints has arrived - with a bonus of 20% off the full retail price if you purchase the complete package!

Ideal for you or any med fetishist in your life, this set of deluxe padded wrist restraints, arm splints, ankle cuffs, and posture collar are sure to make any potential patient squirm with anticipation!

The Small (J514S) or Large (J514L) size variations refer only to the posture collar size.

Product Details:

Padded Medical Posture Collar

 • Small/Medium Collar fits necks 11.5in-15in/29.2cm-38.1cm

 • Large/Extra Large Collar fits necks 15.5in-19in/39.4cm-48.3cm

Padded Medical Arm Splints

 • Wrist 5in-10in/12.7cm-25.4cm

 • Mid-arm/Elbow 7in-12in/17.8cm-30.5cm

 • Bicep 9in-14in/22.9cm-35.6cm

 • Length from wrist to bicep 16in/40.6cm

Padded Medical Wrist Restraints

 • Fits wrists 5.5in-8.5in/14cm-21.6cm

 • Height: 4in/10.2cm

Padded Medical Ankle Restraints

 • Fits ankles 7in-13in/17.8cm-33cm

 • Height 4in/10.2cm

About this product:

Our Deluxe Medical Restraints line is a passion project for the design team here at The Stockroom. Each piece is hand-crafted and assembled in our Los Angeles workshop from high quality leather and nickel-plated hardware.

Made in USA by The Stockroom

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