Deluxe Door Jam Kit (B908)

Deluxe Door Jam Kit

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A doorway can be an excellent place to do a little bondage. Now you can enjoy it while saving your doors and doorways from marks and hardware.

Over-the-Door Cuffs are high quality velcro based sportscuffs with tethers that have a short plastic tube at the end. Throw them over the door and close it, and you will have a mechanism to secure someone for some fantasy play. For a quick release, just open the door. The soft tubes hold securely when the door is closed, but they won't mar or damage the door.

Comes with 4 adjustable door jamb nylon straps with d-rings and 4 soft black velour ankle/wrist cuffs with velcro binding, o-rings and 4 small snap hooks.

Made in the USA

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