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Jimmyjane Little Something Vibrators

Jimmyjane Little Something Vibrators $325.00 - $395.00

The Little Something Collection from Jimmyjane is sure to be wherever the elite meet to indulge in discreet treats. This line is beautifully crafted, sleek, and simply designed, containing a powerful motor, allowing for silent but strong vibration. These versatile vibrators are waterproof and... More >>

Jimmyjane Little Chroma Vibe

Jimmyjane Little Chroma Vibe  $125.00

The Jimmyjane Little Chroma is a sleek and handsome vibrator made of smooth, anodized aluminum. Its quiet motor delivers a nice, deep vibration that is most intense at the tip. Completely waterproof, this toy is very versatile: use it in the bath, pop it in the freezer or warm in a bowl of hot... More >>

Jimmyjane Form 6 Vibe

Jimmyjane Form 6 Vibe  $185.00

The Jimmyjane Form 6 is a waterproof, rechargeable silicone vibrating massager with sleek curves and two insertable ends, each with its own motor. The smaller end delivers a more intense and shallow vibration and is curved perfectly for g-spot and prostate stimulation. The larger end offers a... More >>

Bliss 3 Mini Vibe

Bliss 3 Mini Vibe  $89.00

The Bliss 3 Mini Vibe is a velvety soft silicone vibrator created with a wave form texture for extreme sensory pleasure. The easy one button control has 9 vibrating modes and whisper quiet technology for ultimate discretion. Small enough to take anywhere the Bliss 3 Mini Vibe promises to deliver... More >>

KinkLab Leather Heart Paddle

KinkLab Leather Heart Paddle $44.95

For heartfelt play. is thrilled to introduce the KinkLab line, a place where you can test the limits of pleasure with aid from high-quality, appealing, and functional products. KinkLab products are designed to help you realize your own visions of how passionate,... More >>

Fleece Lined Purple Leather Blindfold

Fleece Lined Purple Leather Blindfold $32.00

These royal purple leather blindfolds are padded and lined with soft black fleece for extra comfort. They are held in place by an adjustable elastic strap. The "cat-eye" design lends femininity and flair to this otherwise sturdy and practical blindfold. Fits most sizes.

It matches... More >>

Locking Purple Wrist Cuffs with Black Trim

Locking Purple Wrist Cuffs with Black Trim  $65.00

The Locking Wrist cuffs in Purple and Black Trim are another gorgeous addition to our classic all leather bondage restraints. One of the first things we noticed about The Locking Wrist cuffs was how stream lined and un-bulky they were. These exceptional cuffs make an excellent gift for your... More >>

Locking Purple Ankle Cuffs with Black Trim

Locking Purple Ankle Cuffs with Black Trim  $67.00

These heavy-duty leather ankle cuffs are crafted of purple Latigo leather and finished in black trim. Each pair has a stainless steel D-ring and buckle, ready to stand up to repetitive wear and tear. Restraints are a primary accoutrement for BDSM and you’ll love how comfortable and durable the... More >>

Short Locking Curved Posture Collar in Purple Leather with Black Trim

Short Locking Curved Posture Collar in Purple Leather with Black Trim $46.00

Create a proper attentive stance with this beautifully crafted short locking posture collar. The leather collar is made of purple Latigo leather trimmed in black to add a bold accent to your jaw and neck line. Built to be durable, this attractive collar has a stainless steel D-ring and a lockable... More >>

Roulette Edition Red

Roulette Edition Red $85.00

The Roulette Edition Red is a smooth and flexible vibrator made from European Silicone. The multi-speed controller wheel makes changing and adjusting speeds lightning fast. The powerful motor is pleasantly quiet for discreet alone time. The Roulette Edition Red is crafted to fit the contours of... More >>

Ophoria 3

Ophoria 3" Finger Vibe $16.99

Ophoria's 3" Finger Vibe is an extremely quiet vibrating finger massager made of 100% pure silicone. It's smooth and flexible for incredible pleasure. The one touch on/off button makes operation simple. The Finger Vibe is splash-proof, so take it in the shower after a long day!... More >>

Ties That Bind (Guy Baldwin)

Ties That Bind (Guy Baldwin) $16.95

The writings of Guy Baldwin, one of the most respected and knowledgeable people on the subject of the SM/leather/fetish erotic style, have been compiled in this book. Issues regarding relationships, the community, the SM experience, and personal transformation, as they relate to this... More >>

Wild Side Sex: The Book of Kink (Midori)

Wild Side Sex: The Book of Kink (Midori) $17.99

This delightfully twisted new volume by acclaimed writer and sex educator Midori titillates as well as educates. Wild Side Sex: The Book of Kink takes erotic adventure to a personal level and exposes some of Midori's most helpful and empowering secrets.

Let the world famous Midori... More >>

Fetish Sex: An Erotic Guide for Couples, (Violet Blue)

Fetish Sex: An Erotic Guide for Couples, (Violet Blue) $19.00

This book is written for the fetishist, for their lovers and for anyone who wants to make a fetish into a sex toy. Or, to maximize a fetish, figure out if you have a fetish, how to talk about it with a lover, "come out" about your fetish, or find community—or just hot porn. Most everyone has a... More >>

Inflatable Bulb Gag

Inflatable Bulb Gag $46.00

If you've had problems finding perfectly-sized gags, inflatables can be the way to go.

This heavy-gauge inflatable rubber gag has a 1½" (3.5cm) bulb-shaped head which can be slowly inflated to the size and shape of a small apple, up to 2½" (6cm) in diameter. Air pressure... More >>

Short Riding Crop, Wide End

Short Riding Crop, Wide End $24.00

This item is made to travel!
Easier to store in toybags, this all black crop is an 18" version of our Wide End Riding Crop. Compact yet effective, this crop will keep you in charge, even when you're away from home.

... More >>

Heavy Red Fiberglass Cane, Rubber Handle

Heavy Red Fiberglass Cane, Rubber Handle $17.50

This sturdy cane has a 21" fiberglass rod with a handsome red nylon covering and a black tip. It has a black rubber-covered handle for an extra firm grip. This cane is probably best reserved for those looking for a thick, mean "whap".

Please note that handcrafted canes... More >>