Crystal Spires (E964BLK)


Crystal Spires
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Classically tapered into a gently widening, anal thrilling swell, the gorgeously sleek, immensely precise Crystal Spires plug is incredibly manageable, excitingly responsive to temperature changes, and just the perfect size. In short, nothing if not satisfying.

Made of a uniformly smooth, body-safe glass, the sleek shape of the Spires increase subtly in size for exciting sensations against the anal walls as you insert the plug. The gentle, but definitely noticeable size change stimulates nerve-ending rich anal erogenous zones without shocking the rectal muscles and sphincter. A long neck tapered just under the largest point helps hold the plug in place during use, and a wide base fits comfortably between the butt-cheeks, also acting as a safe barrier against too-deep penetration.?

Crystal Spires is very easy to maneuver and control. You'll adore The Spires' sensitivity to temperature: the plug will naturally heat up to your body heat with touch and use, or, if you so desire, you can play with this exciting feature even more by soaking in warm or cool water prior to play.

  Product Details:

 • Made from hypoallergenic borosilicate glass

 • 4.7oz/133g

 • Length - 4.5in/11.4cm

 • Circumference - 4.1in/10.4cm at largest

 • Width - 1.25in/3.8cm at widest

Safety, Care, and Usage:

You can sterilize your Spires by placing it in the top rack of the dishwasher, popping it in boiling water, or wiping with a bleach solution. You'll be able to use your choice of lube, be it oil, silicone or water based. There's no maintenance required, simply keep it clean- and provided your plug is stored properly and protected from abrasive surfaces that could cause chipping or scratches, it can last a lifetime.


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