Creams & Lotions

Wet wOw Max O Clitoral Arousal Gel 0.5oz

Wet wOw Max O Clitoral Arousal Gel 0.5oz $18.00

Wet’s got something new in store for clit-lovers everywhere: a brand-new, long-lasting clitoral stimulation gel that is ready to please. The wOw Arousal Gel provides both warming penetration and cool, tingling sensation that only intensifies with touch. With a formula combining a hint of peppermint... More >>

Toy Cleaner Mist

Toy Cleaner Mist $14.00

Play safe! ID Toy Cleaner was created by the makers of ID Lubes to offer a solution for sterilizing most toys and encourage good toy hygiene and safe play.

ID Toy Cleaner is a gentle spray-on antibacterial cleaner that eliminates 99.99% of all germs on a surface in a matter of... More >>

Elevate G-Spot Arousal Cream

Elevate G-Spot Arousal Cream $19.00

The newest addition to the Jopen Essence line of of personal care products, Elevate is a g-spot arousal cream, created from all natural ingredients: peppermint extract increases blood flow and sensitivity, while sunflower seed oil acts to lubricate and soften this sensitive erogenous zone. More >>

Essence By Jopen Excite Intimate Arousal Gel For Her

Essence By Jopen Excite Intimate Arousal Gel For Her $20.00

Over the years, women have come to realize that their true BFF in life is right in between their legs - their clit. No drama, just something that has always been there to make every woman feel like a goddess. Now it’s time to show your gratitude by making yourself feel even more incredible with... More >>

Swiss Navy Original Grease, 2 oz

Swiss Navy Original Grease, 2 oz $9.95

Extremely slick and long lasting, Swiss Navy Grease is the ideal oil-based personal lubricant for enhancing your sensual experience today! Great for masturbation and anal penetration.

Not latex compatible (use nitrile gloves or polyurethane condoms).

Available in... More >>

Swiss Navy Endurance Spray, 15ml

Swiss Navy Endurance Spray, 15ml $13.95

Swiss Navy Endurance Spray is a fast-acting formula with lidocaine that temporarily slows the onset of ejaculation and lets you have more fun for a little longer.

Available in 15mL spray... More >>

Coochy Body Shave Cream

Coochy Body Shave Cream $12.00 - $16.00

This lotion is great for shaving various body parts. It is very smooth, easy on sensitive skin, and doesn't leave a rash. It has the consistency of a hair conditioner, with a light, clean fragrance.

Great for body shaving parties, or just for personal... More >>

Stroke 29 Masturbation Cream

Stroke 29 Masturbation Cream $14.00

Can you make it to the 29th stroke? Put Stroke 29 Masturbation Cream to the test! This premium lube, part of the best-selling Gun Oil line takes masturbation to a whole new level. Scoop up a dab of the thick,... More >>

Liquid V for Women

Liquid V for Women $12.00 - $21.00

Liquid V for Women is a maximum strength topical gel that amplifies sexual pleasure for women immediately on contact.

It is formulated to help increase clitoral sensitivity for women who want to enhance their personal experiences. It is formulated... More >>

Elbow Grease Original Cream Pail

Elbow Grease Original Cream Pail  $194.00

Elbow Grease Original Formula has been formulated under strict standards to ensure the best quality possible. This mineral oil based lubricant is a thick cream; long lasting for ultimate sensual pleasure. Elbow Grease is the oldest sexual lubricant on the market, dating back to 1979. It's been a... More >>

Kama Sutra Getaway Kit

Kama Sutra Getaway Kit $35.00

Introducing the ideal travel companion. This collection of Kama Sutra products fits nicely into your luggage and carry-on and are perfectly sized under 3.4 oz to meet the flight regulatory... More >>

Kama Sutra Body Souffle

Kama Sutra Body Souffle $17.99

The Body Soufflé collection encourages body exploration through the fine art of sensual massage. Smooth these delicately scented, lusciously flavored, water-based creams over your lover’s skin, enticing curious kisses to follow. These rich creams are Dermatologist tested and also work well as a... More >>

Kama Sutra Intensifying Gels

Kama Sutra Intensifying Gels $15.99

These gently stimulating gels, designed exclusively for women, intensify female intimate responses and encourages wonderfully renewing sensual enjoyment. Blended from a unique formulation... More >>

Kama Sutra Stimulating Pleasure Balm

Kama Sutra Stimulating Pleasure Balm $12.00

These tingling, tasty gels were created to excite desire and heighten sensual pleasure. Dermatologist tested and latex safe, each imparts a stimulating and refreshing sensation on any part of the body.
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Kama Sutra Pleasure Balm, Desensitizing Gel

Kama Sutra Pleasure Balm, Desensitizing Gel $15.00

Designed for men, this carefully formulated balm imparts a gently numbing sensation that helps prolong performance long into the night. The refreshing taste of mint adds to the delicious experience. This balm comes in a 1½ ounce jar.

The manufacturer suggests... More >>

Kama Sutra Body Chocolate

Kama Sutra Body Chocolate $16.00

Tempted by your creative side? Have a sweet tooth? Indulge your artistic muse and your passion for chocolate with this decadently rich body paint.

Includes 2oz. of milk chocolate flavored body paint and... More >>

Kama Sutra Strawberry Dreams Weekender Kit

Kama Sutra Strawberry Dreams Weekender Kit  $19.95

These small-yet-potent indulgences from Kama Sutra are as flavorful and aromatic as a luscious berry, and they’re ripe for romance any time you desire. Tuck into a pocket, purse, or overnight bag.

Set contains travel... More >>

Kama Sutra Treasure Troves

Kama Sutra Treasure Troves $39.99

The Kama Sutra Treasure Trove is a trio of romantic delights. These gift sets fully embrace the delights of a single luscious flavor. Each gift set includes three deliciously kissable offerings: full sizes of... More >>

Sugar Lips Erotic Cosmetics

Sugar Lips Erotic Cosmetics $5.00

Regular Price: $8.50
Clearance Price: $5.00!

*Whip Me Cream is no longer available

Sugar Lips is a delicious tasting sensual lipstick or nipple gloss. It is the first product of its kind. There... More >>

Elbow Grease, Original 15 oz

Elbow Grease, Original 15 oz $21.00

New Reduced Price!

Original Formula Elbow Grease Cream is the oldest lubricant in the industry today. It has been a constant favorite and top seller for almost 3 decades. It is a safe, long-lasting premium lubricant specifically designed to enhance your sensual... More >>


STA-HARD Creme $8.00

Sta-Hard cream is a desensitizing lubricant intended to help prevent premature ejaculation.

Of course, we can think of a few other fun reasons to desensitize your partner.... The amusing directions on the box suggest applying the cream and... More >>

Analyse Me! Anal Comfort Spray

Analyse Me! Anal Comfort Spray $19.95

Sometimes a product comes along whose name truly says it all. Analyse Me! Anal Comfort Spray is exactly that. This lidocaine and benzocaine free concoction from Pjur counteracts sensitivity so you can take your anal play a little further. It’s worth... More >>

Boy Butter H2O Lubricant

Boy Butter H2O Lubricant $12.99 - $18.99

Boy Butter H2O Lubricant is the very first cream lubricant that is 100% totally water based. This amazing new personal lubricant has been developed by blending high quality purified water, shea-butter, aloe-vera, and a hint of vanilla extract.

Boy Butter H2O is incredibly long... More >>

Boy Butter Lube, Squeeze Bottle, 9 Fl. Oz.

Boy Butter Lube, Squeeze Bottle, 9 Fl. Oz. $21.99

Boy Butter "Churn Style" Lube is one condiment that no well-stocked sex picnic should be without. This vegetable oil based cream spreads "like buttah" and is water soluble for easy cleanup. It's great for masturbation and anal penetration, but it's not latex compatible (use nitrile gloves or... More >>

Boy Butter Lube

Boy Butter Lube $11.99 - $23.99

At last... A butter without all the calories!

If you haven't seen, used or heard of it already, then brace yourself because Boy Butter Personal Lubricant is spreading fast (pun intended). Some lubricants become sticky and you have to keep reapplying them; some lubricants linger on your... More >>

System Jo Body Shaving Cream Pure

System Jo Body Shaving Cream Pure $9.99

System Jo Pure Body Shaving Cream for Women is carefully formulated to create a silky smooth shave suitable to be used on all parts of the body, including intimate areas. Unscented for sensitive skin, System Jo's Shaving Cream will help eliminate bumps, rashes and irritation associated with... More >>

System Jo Body Shaving Cream Adrenaline

System Jo Body Shaving Cream Adrenaline $9.99

System Jo Adrenaline Body Shaving Cream for Men is carefully formulated to create a silky smooth shave suitable to be used on all parts of the body, including intimate areas. Unscented for sensitive skin, System Jo's Shaving Cream will help eliminate bumps, rashes and irritation associated with... More >>

JO Pheromone

JO Pheromone $43.50

Pheromones are the natural chemicals each of us secretes that can trigger strong responses in others, affecting sexual interest and behavior. These pheromones naturally work on our behalf, whether we are aware of it or not. System Jo has created Jo Pheromone to boost this natural response in the... More >>

Pjur Med Clean Intimacy Wipes/Spray Lotion

Pjur Med Clean Intimacy Wipes/Spray Lotion $16.50

Pjur Med Clean Intimacy Wipes and Spray Lotion provide a quick and easy way to clean up after you’ve been dirty. They are anti-bacterial and anti-viral. These wipes and spray lotion are also both perfume free and alcohol free.

The Intimacy Wipes come in a package with a reseal tab to... More >>

Wicked Creme

Wicked Creme $14.00

This oil based creme is designed to help moisturize and condition during solo play activities, but can also be used with a partner, but is not latex compatible. It is also not intended for internal use, but can be an effective lubricant for male masturbation or sensation play.
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Wicked OverTime Delay Creme

Wicked OverTime Delay Creme $16.00

A benzocaine-containing desensitizing cream, this item from Wicked isn't a typical lube or moisturizer, but a topical anesthetic designed to delay male orgasm. If you've got a hair-trigger, consider using this creme to stay hard longer without overstimulating yourself.

Product... More >>

Ride Rock Delay Spray

Ride Rock Delay Spray $12.99

Ride Rock Delay Spray is a benzocaine based male desensitizer used to help enhance and lengthen the time of the erection. Sliquid Stay uses the highest amount of lidocaine possible for the public. This special formula increases stamina much more effectively than most products which use benzocaine.... More >>